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Albert, U.S. physician, 1926–.
Starr ball heart prosthesis
Starr ball heart valve
Starr fixation forceps
Starr forceps
Starr valve - Synonym(s): Starr-Edwards valve
Starr-Edwards aortic valve prosthesis
Starr-Edwards ball valve prosthesis
Starr-Edwards ball-cage valve
Starr-Edwards disk valve prosthesis
Starr-Edwards heart valve
Starr-Edwards mitral prosthesis
Starr-Edwards pacemaker
Starr-Edwards prosthesis
Starr-Edwards prosthetic aortic valve
Starr-Edwards prosthetic mitral valve
Starr-Edwards Silastic valve
Starr-Edwards silicone rubber ball valve
Starr-Edwards valve - a cage and ball artificial cardiac valve with high reliability and durability, first used to replace the mitral valve. Synonym(s): Starr valve
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Albert Starr and Lowell Edwards, a retired engineer, developed the first mechanical mitral heart valve, which was implanted on August 25, 1960.(3) Previously, most patients were relegated to an early death from progressive heart failure.
Christian Bernard, Robert Jarvik, and Albert Starr, and their early equipment and operations; and diagrams of the heart.
That was 50 years to the day since Portland surgeon Albert Starr, now 84, completed the world's first successful operation to replace a damaged mitral valve in the human heart with an artificial one.
Albert Starr, a young surgeon, encouraged Edwards to first focus on developing an artificial heart valve.
Alain Carpentier of Paris, France and Albert Starr of Portland, OR were winners of the Albert Lasker Award in clinical research.
'The Intuitive system is an enabling system for the intricate cardiac techniques needed in CABG surgeries,' says Albert Starr, director the heart institute at St.