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(shwīt′sər, shvīt′-), Albert 1875-1965.
French philosopher, physician, and musician who founded (1913) and spent much of his life at a missionary hospital in present-day Gabon. He won the 1952 Nobel Peace Prize.
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Heating operating market Albert Schweitzer colleges Neufchatel-en-Bray and Rene Diderot in Petit-Quevilly - 14s0351 case - PFI market, P2 and P3,- Production of heating and hot water,- Additional services,- Water treatment (heating system and DHW).
The works contract is divided into 2 lots for the establishment of temporary buildings and temporary facilities for the site for the partial restructuring of the Lycee Albert Schweitzer Raincy (93), broken down as follows - Lot 06 - demountable buildingsCE 6.
Lot 3 Albert Schweitzer Gymnasium in 15890 ironworks city comprehensive school 3 in 15890 ironworks city, Otto book wit school with special educational focus learning in 15890 EisenhE-ttenstadt, Rouanet Gymnasium in 15848 Beeskow and Albert Schweitzer High School in 15848 Beeskow.
Albert Schweitzer Gymnasium and annual basic cleaning in the Albert-Schweitzer-Gymnasium
Mark Higgins' death was big news at the time, with the prominence of the family (in Massachusetts and New York) and the Albert Schweitzer connection.
Michael Hesketh and his partner Vikki Jones were relaxing at their home in Albert Schweitzer Close, Netherton, while Abbie, nine, Jessica, seven, and Daniel, six, played outside.
Three organizations doing on-the-ground work in Haiti have each received $5,000: Holy Angels Hospice, Partners in Health, and the Hopital Albert Schweitzer (Albert Schweitzer Hospital).
In an extremely brief second chapter, Wright summarizes the published efforts of the Jesus Seminar and John Dominic Crossan as examples of "thorough-going skepticism," the label used by Albert Schweitzer for William Wrede's work.
Albert Schweitzer, who told him, ``The most important thing in education is teaching young people to think for themselves.
Cahill is not interested in debating David Hume about the impossibility of miracles or Albert Schweitzer about the impossibility of reconstructing the historical Jesus.
And here, therefore, it would [ILLEGIBLE TEXT] Leonardo's counterpart in the 20th century is undoubtedly Albert Schweitzer (18 is summed up in the term Reverence for Life, a universal code of ethics that [ILLEGIBLE TEXT] Norman Cousins, the late editor of the now sadly defunct Saturday Review, visit [ILLEGIBLE TEXT] The Aristotles, the da Vincis, the Goethes, the Jeffersons, the Schweitzers are, in [Alpha][Epsilon]i, possessions forever.
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