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Osborne, English physicist, 1842-1912. See: Reynolds number.
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What we need in Africa are more dynamic companies like Life Energy and more people of vision and determination like Albert Reynolds.
Albert Reynolds, Chairman of Life Energy & Technology Holdings Inc.
Helen Whelan, who works at the pet food plant owned by the family of the late former Taoiseach Albert Reynolds and who bought the [euro]16 ticket, said: "It's brilliant
EX-TAOISEACH Albert Reynolds faces a fresh grilling from the Mahon Tribunal - after it emerged he is to publish his autobiography.
1992: Albert Reynolds was appointed Prime Minister/Taoiseach of the Republic of Ireland.
It was the World Cup of 1994 and when roll call was given my post was to stand in front of the Fitzwilliam Hotel on Lexington Avenue where the Taoiseach Albert Reynolds would be having breakfast before the Ireland vs Italy game.
FORMER Taoiseach Albert Reynolds has officially received the Freedom of Longford Town.
There was worrying news too for Taoiseach Bertie Ahern whose personal rating fell to just 37 per cent - the lowest for a leader since Albert Reynolds 11 years ago.
THE son of the late Albert Reynolds has been approached to run for Fianna Fail, he confirmed yesterday.
EX-Taoiseach Albert Reynolds has helped raise more than EUR60million in funding for measures to reduce global warming in Africa.
Former Irish premier Mr Albert Reynolds yesterday won the right to a new libel trial after Lord Bingham, the Lord Chief Justice, found there were "misdirections" by the judge who had awarded him just 1p damages.
Welcoming the publication of the quarter's results, Dr Albert Reynolds, Chairman of Life Energy stated, "These are the best results yet for Life Energy.