Alagille's syndrome

Alagille's syndrome

Etymology: Daniel Alagille, French pediatrician, b. 1925
an autosomal-dominant syndrome of neonatal jaundice, cholestasis with peripheral pulmonary stenosis, and occasionally septal defects or patent ductus arteriosus, resulting from a low number or an absence of intrahepatic bile ducts. It is characterized by unusual facies and ocular, vertebral, and nervous system abnormalities.

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Q. i'm going on an organic diet for fibromyalgia does anyone know if this will help this awful pain

A. Couldn't find any research proving that organic diet improves fibromyalgia. On the other hand, couldn't actually find a research that contradict it (or even dealing with it), so no one can give you any established answer for your answer, so it's your decision.

Anyway, remember to consult a professional (e.g. a doctor) before you start any diet or any other intervention.

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Q. I had cataract surgery with iol implant, and ever since I have awful light sensitivity. Any ideas? I can't go into a "super store" without my sunglasses. My eyes ache at the end of the day. My doctor says "I don't know!"

A. May sound a bit silly question, but have you tried to consult your ophthalmologist (eye doctor, e.g. the one that performed the operation) about it? Cataract surgery, although considered very successful, isn't problem-free. Primary physician may not have the necessary specialization to deal with these subjects.

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Their possible diagnosis could be neonatal hepatitis, paucity of bile duct syndrome, Alagille's syndrome or a-1 antitrypsin deficiency.
Owen was diagnosed with Alagille's syndrome, a genetic disorder which affects the liver.