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The permanent injunction bans the Canoga Park Alabama gang and its members from associating in public with one another and provides police officers with a greater ability to enforce the law.
The Alabama Department of Education issues emergency certificates.
The law had been applied to hotels and motels to collect a tax from transients, vacationers, and travelers, who stay overnight in Alabama.
The shrimpers complained, and in 1987 the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources worked with the U.
Baptists disagree about almost everything, and no generalization about even white Alabama Baptists, the focus of my study, fits all of them.
After determining the need, the Alabama DPS began planning a training program for its officers.
In Florida, as in Alabama, 31 percent of all black men are permanently disenfranchised.
Alabama law grants a resident company considerable leeway in controlling both its tax base and its tax liability.
One initial proposal would have limited the tax to an amount less than $9,000, regardless of the assets the corporation employs in Alabama.
But Smith was a longtime friend of outgoing Alabama Governor Jim Folsom, Jr.