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(rä′zēz) or Ra·zi (rä′zē) 865?-925?
Persian physician whose medical writings were a major influence during the Middle Ages.
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including the Amiri, Al-Razi , Al-Sabah, Al-Farwaniya, Al-Adan, Ibn Sina and
A person was killed and eight others wounded who were admitted to al-Razi Hospital.
specialties will carry out periodic visits to Al-Razi Hospital beginning in
Two of the injured, who were all admitted to al-Razi Hospital for treatment, are in critical condition, according to a medical source at the hospital.
The attacks also left 20 other civilians injured who were admitted to al-Razi Hospital, the source added.
The towers will be annexed to the maternity hospital, Al-Sabah, Al-Razi,
Or [you may have derived your arguments] from Muhammad ibn Zakariyyab al-Razi, who meddles in metaphysics and exceeds his competence.
A medical source at al-Razi Hospital said that the woman sustained very serious injuries, while the other three suffer from medium to slight injuries.
raid targeting the health institute near to Al-Razi hospital.
What we wish to emphasize here is the philosophy of medicine that he expounded on the basis of the synthesis of Hippocrates, Galen, Indian and pre-Islamic Persian medicine as well as earlier Islamic physicians such as al-Tabari and al-Razi and Islamic teachings about health and related subjects.
Two other civilians were killed in a terrorist attack with mortar and rocket shells which hit al-Tilal neighborhood and al-Qassr al-Baladi area, and about fifty civilians were injured during the attack and were rushed to al-Razi and the University hospitals for treatment.
Director of Al-Razi Hospital in Abyan asserted that Al-Shadadi's mother was