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(rä′zēz) or Ra·zi (rä′zē) 865?-925?
Persian physician whose medical writings were a major influence during the Middle Ages.
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G-402, 403, block-G, 4th floor, Al-Razi Complex, Purana paltan, Dhaka-1000.
The project targeted the distribution of breakfasts in Zanzibar, Al-Razi, Mawdiyeh, Abu Bakr Al-Siddiq Mosque, the Grand Mosque, Al-Khair Mosque and a passers-by breakfast in Abyan.
This paper introduces two newly discovered epistles by the celebrated physician and philosopher Abu Bakr Muhammad ibn Zakariyya' al-Razi (Rhazes, d.
The topics are the late ancient background, the Syriac tradition in the early Islamic era, the rebirth of philosophy and the translations into Arabic, Abu Yusuf al-Kindi, the beginnings of Islamic philosophy in the tradition of al-Kindi, Abu Bakr al-Razi, the Baghdad Aristotelians, Abu Nasr al-Farabi, and the dissemination of philosophical thought.
ISLAMABAD -- The Supreme Court on Tuesday granted two moth time to Al-Razi Medical College administration for up-gradation of college and directed the Khyber Medical University to submit a report after inspecting the college.
A security source said that a police force in Diyala carried out an operation in al-Katoon al-Razi area west of Baquba, resulted in the arrest of the so-called inventor of the explosive block which is explosive materials placed inside a concrete block and detonated by remote control device.
Azhar Khan Jadoon (NA-17) owned Women Medical College Abbottabad and Nasir Khan Khatak (NA-15) owned Al-Razi Medical College Peshawar along with their companions has been victimizing the council management to protect their illegal
From Hippocrates of Ancient Greece, whose principled oath remains an integral part of medical practice to this day, to medieval abbess Hildegard of Bingen, Arabs Ibn Sina and Al-Razi, Renaissance scholar of anatomy Andreas Vesalius, Edward Jenner (known as "the father of immunology" for his inventions of inoculation and the smallpox vaccine) and many more, Great Men and Women in the History of Medicine examines a wide array of dedicated individuals whose work has saved countless lives through the centuries.
He said the rally, attended by officials, employees and students, first started from Al-Razi school to the city streets, where the participants held signs condemning the occupation's crimes against prisoners and demanding their release.
Dans le Muqtabis, cet auteur du XIe siecle, qui a ete repris de si nombreuses fois par ses successeurs, compile lui aussi de tres larges extraits d'une chronique anterieure, les Annales palatines d'Isa al-Razi, datant de la seconde moitie du Xe siecle.
The projects include a 600-bed maternity hospital, the IBN SINA hospital, a paediatric hospital project, and the Al-Razi hospital, all of which are expected to cost around $2bn to build, according to a report by MEED.
He said a large number of those dead and injured were transferred to Aden Hospital, and others were hospitalized in Al-Razi Hospital, which was restored last week after a lengthy closure.