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(rä′zēz) or Ra·zi (rä′zē) 865?-925?
Persian physician whose medical writings were a major influence during the Middle Ages.
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Al-Razi school is attended by a large number of students from the camp, which demanded from the school to add to its structure in order to accommodate the newcomers.
However, the council had recommended Pak Red Crescent Medical and Dental College Lahore, Hashmat Medical and Dental College Gujrat, Al-Razi Medical College Peshawar and Sahiwal Medical College to the ministry for closure for not meeting the criteria.
The owner of Al-Razi Medical College, who institute was also visited by the chief justice, was brought to the courtroom by the students for over-charging fees.
In an effort to promote safety in the real world for the benefit of everyone living in Kuwait, EQUATE partnered with the Ministry of Interior (MOI) in the 34 th Gulf Traffic Week Members of EQUATE and the MOI visited Al-Razi Orthopedic Hospital to promote traffic safety as well as safe and responsible driving in an aim to decrease roadside accidents.
02 (SABA) - As part of the Youth Empowerment and Community Awareness Program, Wahj AL-Hayah Foundation organised today a graduation party at Al-Razi University for about 60 trainees.
The Al-Razi Health Centre has been designated as a control authority to ensure the accuracy of medical check-ups and the adequate implementation of the privatised procedure.
The project targeted the distribution of breakfasts in Zanzibar, Al-Razi, Mawdiyeh, Abu Bakr Al-Siddiq Mosque, the Grand Mosque, Al-Khair Mosque and a passers-by breakfast in Abyan.
Mahmoud Fakhrani al-Razi; Tax Authority official Amal Abdel Wahab; and accountant Gamal Mahamoud Baraka.
This paper introduces two newly discovered epistles by the celebrated physician and philosopher Abu Bakr Muhammad ibn Zakariyya' al-Razi (Rhazes, d.
"At least 11 civilians were killed and many more were wounded in over 65 cases of terrorists' rocket attacks on residential areas along the streets of al-Neel, al-Sabeel, Mocambo and al-Razi hospital," the sources said, adding, "The terrorist groups also detonated a tunnel-bomb near Air Force Intel before launching attacks on the army-controlled Jam'iyat al-Zahra area."
A security source said that a police force in Diyala carried out an operation in al-Katoon al-Razi area west of Baquba, resulted in the arrest of the so-called inventor of the explosive block which is explosive materials placed inside a concrete block and detonated by remote control device.