Airline Food

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High-altitude fare which may be linked to food-borne pathogens and occasional outbreaks
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Airplane food isn't always five-star quality, but most passengers don't expect it to be.
Two-thirds of families who took part in the survey complained that a range of rip-offs - led by airplane food and drink prices - caused them to spend more than budgeted on their last holiday.
Airplane food was seen as a 'rip-off' in a Post Office survey
com Airplane food was seen as a 'rip-off' in a Post Office survey HOLIDAY RIP-OFFS REVEALED NEW research from Post Office Travel Money has revealed the 'holiday rip-offs' that could be responsible for almost seven-inten families busting their budgets on trips abroad by PS159 each.
I don't touch airplane food, and I can never sleep on these long flights anyway, she says.
If you find standard airplane food boring, then next time, try flying Singapore Airlines, who offer a unique Book the Cook service - premium passengers can pre-order from a selection of dishes that are specially prepared on order.
Ultimately, even before Jerry Seinfeld beat bad airplane food jokes into the ground 20 years ago, complaining about air travel was our unofficial national pastime.
Thought this was gonna be a rant about how bad airplane food is?
For example, bring snacks for your flight so you don't have to buy expensive airport or airplane food.
Hundreds of millions of dollars were sent out of Afghanistan - some in airplane food trays, according to the report.
Tasty airline fare "Can you imagine there is airplane food that people love?