Airline Food

High-altitude fare which may be linked to food-borne pathogens and occasional outbreaks
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It ranges from trivia about airline food and supermodels to musing about what the rock star perceives is his lack of musical talent.
And then my husband, Percy, and I are flying to LA so we'll be eating airline food. I'm one of the few people I know who likes airline food.
geocities .com/ leaders4 tomorrowWE rate people who take an interest in airline food on the same level as train and plane-spotters.
The new line includes favorites like Massaman, Penang and green curry sauces which N like airline food N are designed to last.
Khan, who was killed, worked for airline food firm LSG Sky Chefs at Gatwick airport.
Airline food has been the stuff of jokes since almost the dawn of aviation, especially in the US.
Elsewhere, airline food manufacturer S Daniels saw its shares jump 0.25p to 9.25p following very heavy trading last week.
Most extraordinary thing of all is that this visual equivalent of economy-class airline food has been served up by Paul Abbot, writer of Cracker, Reckless and Clocking Off.
What to do: Drink lots of water and avoid airline food when flying from sub-tropical areas.RED AND BLOOD-SHOT EYES: Eyes become itchy and sore when the lack of moisture in the cabin air causes the natural fluid that lubricates the eyeball to dry out.
Drugs were found hidden in airline food trays on flights from South America and the Caribbean.
If someone came up to me with a plastic tray of airline food and said, 'Will you give me a tenner for this s***?' I would say 'no'.
They do so because airline food is often dismissed as bland and expensive.

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