Airline Food

High-altitude fare which may be linked to food-borne pathogens and occasional outbreaks
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Airline food is typically safe for consumption, but travelers should steer clear from ordering tea or coffee.
Exorbitant charges for changing money and skyhigh airline food bills are partly blamed for the total PS1.
And to think people's biggest complaint about flying used to be about lousy airline food.
Along with Nik Loukas from airline food review guide Inflight Feed, James recently flew out to Riga, Latvia, to see how Air Baltic prepare their meals while filming a trailer for the documentary.
The movie will also dive into the surprising history of airline food, which dates all the way back to 1919.
Unlike most airline food, Malaysian Airlines meals on board come hot and packed with Indian flavours to suit the local palate.
It's all very basic: horrible little plastic wood cutlery, like the ones you get with cheap airline food, are there to be ignored in favour of fingers.
Paperboard is a promising material for airline food packaging--it has low weight, can be barrier coated, and can be finished to the required level of elegance and quality feel.
She has also appeared on a dress made for eccentric US pop diva Lady Gaga, while Taiwanese airline EVA Air marked the 40th anniversary by launching a Hello Kitty plane, complete with Kitty-themed airline food and stewardess uniforms.
This year marks the 95th anniversary of airline food on commercial flights.
Do people really like airline food, the butt of countless jokes, that much?
Furthermore, throughout 2013 Garuda Indonesia also received several international awards, such as the "Asia Pacific Airline Food Awards 2012" as "The Best Long-Haul Airline Food" and "Top 5 Short-Haul Airline Food" from Skyscanner, "The Best Airline Hajj Season 1433H/2012" from the General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA) King Abdul Aziz International Airport, "ASEAN Premium Airline of the Year" from Frost & Sullivan, and "Domestic Airline of the Year 2012" in the Customer Satisfcation Award by Roy Morgan.

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