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/air·borne/ (ār´born) suspended in, transported by, or spread by air.


(āŕbōrn, ārbōrn)
Carried by air.
[air, fr. M.E., fr. O.Fr., fr. L., fr. G. aēr + borne, pp. fr. bear, fr. O.E. beren, fr. O.E. beran]


adj carried through the air. In health care settings, viruses or bacteria may become airborne, e.g., when someone sneezes or coughs.


see airborne transmission.
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They joked on Twitter: "Police are looking for witnesses to when fists flew faster than the Red Arrows at Eastbourne Airbourne on Saturday.
TNS's Sam Finlay is sent airbourne by Bangor City's Sion Edwards in yesterday's 9-1 hammering at Nantporth
AIRBOURNE: Black Dog Barking They've always followed in the footsteps of Angus Young, and now Aussie rockers Airbourne come up with the best album that AC/DC never made.
a classic rocker tuned into AC/DC or even a sleaze kid making a bee-line for the Motley Crue rack, the four Aussies of Airbourne have the attitude, swagger and chorus-driven anthems to transcend genres.
FLYING AT KNOCKHILL: Scammonden racer Daniel lloyd gets airbourne at the Fife circuit and collects his silverware on the podium (right) (s)
AIRBOURNE: Black Dog Barking | THEY'VE always unashamedly followed in the footsteps of Angus Young & Co, and now Aussie rockers Airbourne have come up with the best album that AC/DC never made.
And the prize is a spot at the INMUsic festival in Croatia in June when other attractions will include Iggy And The Stooges, Basement Jaxx and Airbourne.
Air Transport Services Group Inc (ATSG), a provider of aircraft leasing and related services, on Thursday announced that Airbourne Maintenance and Engineering Services Inc (AMES) has completed heavy maintenance services for the first of five DHL-owned Boeing 767-200PCF aircraft.
The following night they are supported by Airbourne in Aberdeen at the AECC, Bridge of Don, Aberdeen.
and Peter Duffy Bletchley Park Hughes and Bill Airbourne But he wanted to stress the Allies' achievements.
After graduation he joined the US Army Serving with the 82nd Airbourne Div.
All up in the air - Roger Federer gets airbourne to make a return against Nikolay Davydenko in Paris yesterday PICTURE: LIONEL CIRONNEAU/AP