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/air·borne/ (ār´born) suspended in, transported by, or spread by air.


(āŕbōrn, ārbōrn)
Carried by air.
[air, fr. M.E., fr. O.Fr., fr. L., fr. G. aēr + borne, pp. fr. bear, fr. O.E. beren, fr. O.E. beran]


adj carried through the air. In health care settings, viruses or bacteria may become airborne, e.g., when someone sneezes or coughs.


see airborne transmission.
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Back In The Game, from 2013's Black Dog Barking, will go on to become an Airbourne classic while Diamond In The Rough had them rolling in the aisles.
Guilty: Tom is serving 65 years for the murder of an American shop assistant; Freedom fight: Kenny's spent 19 years on death row; Downward spiral: Tom; claims that he started taking LSD after he failed to fit in with colleagues in the US Army; Parents: Jim and Eileen on their wedding day; Fresh start: Kenny joined the Marines after he and Tom moved to America; Proud: Kenny's younger brother Tom joined the US Army Airbourne Rangers
A spokesman for Eastbourne Council said: 'We can confirm that an L29 Delfin crashed into the sea at Airbourne and no members of the public were injured.
Yet surprisingly the tracks culled from No Guts, No Glory were the real winners on a night when both Airbourne records were given their chance to shine.
Allergic rhinitis, known as hayfever, is caused by the pollen of specific seasonal plants, airbourne chemicals and dust particles.
AUSTRALIAN hellraisers Airbourne may be flying high with their Brummie fans but they had their wings clipped by Bar Academy staff.
Tonight's showing is a double bill, with the first episode serving as an introduction to Easy Company, the 506th Regiment of the 101st Airbourne Division, US Army.
Roadrunner's current roster also includes such diverse acts such as The Parlor Mob, plus up and comers like Black Stone Cherry, Airbourne and Young the Giant.
Joining Bullet For My Valentine on tour will be Chiodos and Airbourne.
Mark Wahlberg and Zoey Deschanel try to flee a lethal airbourne virus in a film which starts well but then becomes badly-paced, repetitive and devoid of tension.