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(wŏsp, wôsp)
Any of numerous social or solitary hymenopterans of the suborder Apocrita, especially of the family Vespidae, that characteristically have a slender hairless body with a constricted abdomen, two pairs of membranous wings, a mouth adapted for biting or sucking, and in the females an ovipositor sometimes modified as a sting.

wasp′y adj.
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(1) Wasp

A flying insect of the order Hymenoptera whose sting may trigger allergic reactions of variable intensity
(2) WASP

A commonly used acronym for
Informatics Wireless application service provider
Molecular medicine Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome protein
Vox populi White Anglo-Saxon Protestant The demographic profile of the typical upper-class American until the end of the 20th century
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"Air2Web is excited about partnering with BellSouth to offer seamless wireless solutions for customers," said Sanjoy Malik, president and CEO of Atlanta-based Air2Web.
Air2Web delivers a powerful and comprehensive platform for wirelessly enabling solutions across any carrier, network or device including: interactive pagers, short message service (SMS) and Web-enabled phones and personal digital assistants (PDAs).
"Today's announcement expands the options for Cingular customers who will be able to take advantage of BellSouth's e-Platform infrastructure and Air2Web technology for enhanced wireless business applications ...
Using the Air2Web Mobile Internet Platform, The Weather Channel is delivering severe weather alerts, such as tornado and flood warnings, via digital cell phones and alphanumeric pagers at no charge to TWC cable viewers and users of weather.com, the Web site of The Weather Channel.
"Adding BellSouth's hosting services to our wireless offering will optimize our solution, and we are looking forward to the distributed network and additional security that BellSouth's data center brings to Air2Web 's platform."
As a result of the BellSouth/Air2Web alliance, many of Air2Web's existing customers including UPS, Delta Employees Credit Union and Six Continents Hotels will be hosted in BellSouth e-Business Centers, providing direct access to BellSouth's managed services and network infrastructure.
Air2Web's Mobile Internet Platform enables customers to create, deploy and deliver enterprise applications to their customers and employees using any digital wireless device including Short Message Service (SMS) and Web-enabled phones, personal digital devices (PDAs) and pagers.
To date, Air2Web has more than 65 production deployments with blue-chip customers providing wireless enabled financial applications, critical field force applications, customer relationship management, M-commerce and subscription-based content services.
Dale Gonzalez, vice president of engineering-wireless at Air2Web, suggests that enterprises think small and deploy complete but well-defined services and to avoid approaches that can't be achieved in the near term.
www.air2web.com Circle 277 for more information from Air2Web
Both acquisitions are scheduled for closure by the end of the year.Country: China, USA, Sector: Telecommunications, Business and Consumer ServicesTarget: Air2Web, CASEEBuyer: Velti plcDeal size in USD: 29.1m, 19mType: Corporate acquisitionFinancing: Cash & StockStatus: AgreedComment: The USD19m deal size refers to Air2Web.