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However, the share of window air-conditioners is expected to witness a decline during the same period, it said.
As a consequence of their cheap rates, the Chinese split units have virtually wiped out the demand for window air-conditioners in the local market.
Visitors who experienced the Green Air-Conditioner after the ceremony stated, "Because it doesn't feel wet, the mist feels more comfortable.
The subsidiary will exploit the booming air-conditioners and home products segment, according to Zamil Industrial Chief Operating Officer Osama Al-Bunyan.
In general, the air-conditioner system of Behr employs the compressor produced by Sanden.
With the air-conditioning matched to the baseline luxury sedan, the luxury sedan that was equipped with XIR(R) glass and a downsized air-conditioner had a 3 percent improvement in fuel economy over the simulated drive cycle.
The rest of the money would go into other energy-efficiency programs to provide incentives for removal and recycling of operating second refrigerators; refrigerator and room air-conditioner replacement; replacement of inefficient pool pumps; and increased incentives for a variety of programs to benefit small businesses.
Today, it is one of the Middle East's leading manufacturers of air-conditioning systems and service solutions offering a comprehensive line of air-conditioners ranging from room air-conditioners to centrifugal chillers for residential, commercial and industrial applications.
This revolutionary product is aimed at energy generation and conservation and positions Gree as a market leader in the space of solar air-conditioners.
By Pratap John/Chief Business Reporter In what is seen as a major step forward towards achieving a low-carbon economy, Qatar is likely to make "energy-efficiency labelling" mandatory for different types of air-conditioners later this year.
Panasonic, the global leader in innovation and technology, has launched a new range of dual sensor air-conditioners for the Middle East market.