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A device for converting energy into mechanical motion.

dental engine

A machine that rotates dental instruments.

high-speed engine

A machine that rotates a dental instrument in excess of 12,000 rpm.

ultraspeed engine

A machine that rotates a dental instrument at speeds from 100,000 to 300,000 rpm.
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Babu (mechanical engineering, Indian Institute of Technology, Madras) presents material he developed for his graduate class on incompressible and compressible flows and air-breathing engines. It draws a diversity of students, so he assumes little in the way of background.
Although NASA's X-43A and other hypersonic airplanes uses air-breathing engines and fly much like 747s, there is a big difference between ripping air at Mach 10 (around 7,000 mph) and cruising through it at 350 mph.
High speed, air-breathing engines are known as ramjets or scramjets because they ram oxygen into the front of the engines.