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A bacterium that accompanies the main infecting agent in a mixed infection and that influences the virulence of the main organism.
[M.E., fr. O.Fr., fr. L. comples, closely connected]
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The third element of attorney aiding and abetting fraud, "substantial assistance" in furtherance of the fraud, exists where (1) a defendant affirmatively assists, helps conceal, or by virtue of failing to act when required to do so enables the fraud to proceed, and (2) the actions of the aider/abettor proximately cause the harm on which the primary liability is predicated.
Carjacking resulting in serious bodily injury; aiding and abetting.
44) Just as unclear rules for intellectual property stifle innovation, (45) so too an ambiguous line between guilt and innocence in aiding and abetting Internet crimes chills those who might otherwise have created the next Google or eBay.
However, due to Congress's ratification of ATS lawsuits that involved foreign conduct and the Supreme Courts' failure to disapprove of the lawsuits, the Court concludes that extraterritoriality does not prevent the Plaintiffs from seeking relief for the aiding and abetting claims against Exxon.
In a 36-page document submitted to the judge, the prosecutors separately accused the three of aiding and abetting juvenile prostitution from September 2009 until May 2010.
entitled Liability for Aiding and Abetting Securities Violations Act of
His wife is accused of two indecent assaults and one of aiding and abetting the rape of a girl under 16.
5) However, if one is charged with aiding and abetting illegal firearm possession--that is, charged under [section] 922(g) via the federal aiding and abetting statute (6)--innocent people could be held strictly liable because of two distinct flaws.
1) Could Rio Tinto be held liable for aiding and abetting human rights abuses in American courts under the Alien Tort Statute [ATS]?
Aiding and abetting liability is not limited to non-client situations.
A 15-year-old girl was found guilty this month of aiding and abetting manslaughter for using a mobile phone to film a man being kicked and punched to death - the first conviction of its kind.
This operation is linked to an allegation of aiding and abetting and is linked to other allegations relating to other alleged terrorism-related activities," she said.