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a worker who is an assistant to another.
home health aide a paraprofessional worker with specified training and certification to provide unskilled home health care under the direction of a registered nurse.
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(ad) [Fr. aide, helper]
1. Assistant.
2. A nurse's aide or nursing assistant.

certified medication aide

Abbreviation: CMA
An unlicensed health care worker who can administer oral and topical medications in long-term or chronic care facilities after successfully completing a state-approved medication administration course.
Synonym: certified medication technician

physical therapy aide

A person trained by a physical therapist or physical therapist assistant to provide clinical support services in physical therapy for tasks that do not require clinical decision making or problem solving in patient care. Physical therapy aides should function with continuous on-site supervision.
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To change the situation, Kim, a skilled parliamentary aide at the National Assembly with more than 13 years of experience, and chiefs of consultative bodies of other political parties recently agreed to hold a seminar by this month as the first bipartisan move to discuss ways to pass the relevant bill on securing job stability at the National Assembly by November.
Speaking at a burial in Turbo, Mr Duale heaped praise on the aide, highlighting his ability to control high-octane requests.
The authorities, however, decided to kept Hafiz Saeed and his aides under house arrest; but under Section 3 of the Maintenance of Public Order Ordinance (MPO).
Depending on what was included, Israel's request was potentially as high as $488 million, the aide said.
L'etude releve, en outre, un deficit au niveau de l'information relative aux aides d'Etat, en raison de l'absence d'un dispositif legislatif et reglementaire.
"The situation was dealt with amicably between the train manager and George Osborne's aide. At no time was there a disagreement or a refusal to pay for the upgrade.
Samaritan Healthcare & Hospice has provided home health aide services through its hospice program since 1980 and offers excellent employment opportunities for home health aides dedicated to providing the best possible care.
Downing Street confirmed all members of the Government - including unpaid ministerial aides - would be expected to vote for the legislation.
That would amount to about $42,000 per year for an aide who works in the home 40 hours per week and might total more than $160,000 per year for a recipient who needed aides in the home 24 hours per day.
In the October 2011 issue of the Board of Nursing Bulletin, the Legislative Update included information on Senate Bill (SB) 795, which relates to continuing education requirements for nurse aides. Under SB 795, a nurse aide must complete a Department of Aging and Disability Services approved training program with at least 100 hours of course work.