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a worker who is an assistant to another.
home health aide a paraprofessional worker with specified training and certification to provide unskilled home health care under the direction of a registered nurse.


(ad) [Fr. aide, helper]
1. Assistant.
2. A nurse's aide or nursing assistant.

certified medication aide

Abbreviation: CMA
An unlicensed health care worker who can administer oral and topical medications in long-term or chronic care facilities after successfully completing a state-approved medication administration course.
Synonym: certified medication technician

physical therapy aide

A person trained by a physical therapist or physical therapist assistant to provide clinical support services in physical therapy for tasks that do not require clinical decision making or problem solving in patient care. Physical therapy aides should function with continuous on-site supervision.
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Your family and friends envy the glorious life they think you live because they've watched NBC's "The West Wing" It's a great job, but there's one problem: Most White House aides don't last very long.
Maria is taking Leonard's vitals when both aides call for her help with a combative resident they're toileting.
Peter Hannaford, public affairs consultant, former aide to Gov.
After considerable searching, we didn't come up with a stand-alone online course appropriate for nurse aides.
Influence-peddling for money by political aides has been broadly curbed under a law that penalizes such intercession.
The report set the preferred level of aide staffing at the same two-hour level but suggested total licensed staffing should be one hour per resident per day and RN staffing should be 27 minutes per resident per day.
Cynthia, an aide, helps herself to Helen's scented lotion, commenting, "She said it's okay.
In addition, senators still have dozens of provisions they want to attach, causing what lobbyists and aides predict will be a delay of at least another two weeks before the bill is brought to the floor.
After orientation, the MCA is placed with a nurse aide team consisting of two GNA trainers and monitored by a charge nurse.
One day Waldman and other mid-level aides are eating lunch at the White House mess, when they notice that Ira Magaziner, author of the failed 1994 health-care plan, is greeting Robert McNamara, seated at the next table.
Minister for Education, Training and Employment John-Paul Langbroek and Member for Burleigh Michael Hart made a surprise visit to Burleigh State School today to congratulate two very special Prep teacher aides.
Home health aides who went on strike after telling their employer they would be at work were not protected by the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA), the 2nd Circuit ruled on Feb.