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a worker who is an assistant to another.
home health aide a paraprofessional worker with specified training and certification to provide unskilled home health care under the direction of a registered nurse.


(ad) [Fr. aide, helper]
1. Assistant.
2. A nurse's aide or nursing assistant.

certified medication aide

Abbreviation: CMA
An unlicensed health care worker who can administer oral and topical medications in long-term or chronic care facilities after successfully completing a state-approved medication administration course.
Synonym: certified medication technician

physical therapy aide

A person trained by a physical therapist or physical therapist assistant to provide clinical support services in physical therapy for tasks that do not require clinical decision making or problem solving in patient care. Physical therapy aides should function with continuous on-site supervision.
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Sean, 30, a full-time carer for Aiden, who lives in the West Lane area of Middlesbrough, said: "We phoned them on three separate occasions, asking where the ambulance was.
The Mountain Buggy has enabled Aiden to continue with all the activities he is used to and to spend quality time with Sue and dad David, as well as his older brother Finn, who is seven.
In reaching his conclusions, the coroner also praised two young men who risked their lives to lift the slab off Aiden and carry him out of the cave following the "deafening" rockfall in the early hours of April 6.
Aiden, who was studying at Oldbury Wells School, had been camping with friends on April 5 at Hermitage Caves, in Bridgnorth, when some of the sandstone roof fell on him.
Laura, a Kings Mountain Middle School student, helped bring two children to safety but noticed that her little cousin, Aiden, was missing.
Police are investigating reports that Aiden had suffered bullying at school.
Aiden got his glasses, but before that, he got Shevann Blocker's telephone number.
AIDEN McGEADY has been told he should have gone to Specsavers for claiming Ireland have a better XI than Scotland.
MARK WILSON yesterday lifted the lid on Aiden McGeady's explosive bust-ups at Celtic.
HUDDERSFIELD-BASED IT specialist P2 Technologies has appointed Aiden Hall as apprentice IT service engineer.
I WAS delighted to see my fellow Republic of Ireland international Aiden McGeady get othe mark for the Blues yesterday.