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a worker who is an assistant to another.
home health aide a paraprofessional worker with specified training and certification to provide unskilled home health care under the direction of a registered nurse.
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(ad) [Fr. aide, helper]
1. Assistant.
2. A nurse's aide or nursing assistant.

certified medication aide

Abbreviation: CMA
An unlicensed health care worker who can administer oral and topical medications in long-term or chronic care facilities after successfully completing a state-approved medication administration course.
Synonym: certified medication technician

physical therapy aide

A person trained by a physical therapist or physical therapist assistant to provide clinical support services in physical therapy for tasks that do not require clinical decision making or problem solving in patient care. Physical therapy aides should function with continuous on-site supervision.
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Aiden also suffers from epilepsy and the surgery will help with his "worsening seizures".
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Hibernian said: "We like to think our players hit the target more often than not, but it's good to hear Aiden and Abi are still in one piece and enjoyed their visit to the Hibernian Training Centre."
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The house also has designer kitchens and bathrooms and Aiden has had CCTV and panic alarms fitted.
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Joining a galaxy of stars from across music, the arts and science, Aiden is the youngest chef ever to win a Michelin Star.
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