J. Dennis, 20th-century French neurologist. See: Aicardi syndrome.
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Emily was born with Aicardi syndrome, an extremely rare condition where the structure connecting the two spheres of the brain is missing or incomplete.
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Caption: MEET THE ROSNERS: Our family of six includes Julia, our sixteen-year-old who has Aicardi syndrome.
In "The Limits of Dual Use" (Issues, Summer 2018), Tara Mahfoud, Christine Aicardi, Saheli Datta, and Nikolas Rose argue that a "more nuanced" framework than dual use is needed to govern emerging scientific trends.
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The Des Plaines couple's 6-week-old daughter, Sadie, was diagnosed with Aicardi syndrome, a rare genetic disorder that occurs only in girls and can cause multiple seizures each day, severe developmental delays and low muscle tone.
Other associations reported within the literature include oral-facial-digital syndrome X (OMIM 311200), 5q22.3q23.3 deletion, Baraitser-Winter syndrome (OMIM 243310), Walker-Warburg syndrome (OMIM 236670), Joubert syndrome II (OMIM 608091), Noonan syndrome (OMIM 163950), Rubinstein-Taybi syndrome (OMIM 180849), Meckel-Gruber syndrome (OMIM 249000), Goltz syndrome (OMIM 305600), Aicardi syndrome (OMIM 304050), and Lenz syndrome (OMIM 309800) [13, 16, 17].
She was born with Aicardi Syndrome, a disease affecting nearly 4,000 people worldwide that caused her infantile spasms and made her legally blind.
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It was not until 1980 when Krageloh and Aicardi [3] made the distinction between this disorder and migraine.