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Charles D., U.S. physician, 1866-1951. See: Aaron sign.


in the Old Testament of the Bible, Moses' brother.
Aaron rod - walking stick (rod) with one serpent twined around it, used as a symbol for medicine.
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Rabbi Ahron Soloveichik offers this last response in "Israel's Day of Independence," in Logic of the Heart, Logic of the Mind (Brooklyn: Genesis Jerusalem Press, 1991), p.
So your own business is now the public's: Cigarette smoking isn't a private vice but a public-health issue; after all, says anti-smoking activist Ahron Leichtman, "Who pays for these people when they're ill and they're indigent and they go in the hospital?
Quoted in Ahron Sapezian, "Ministry with the Poor: An Introduction," International Review of Mission 66 (January 1977): 11.
Stef Vertheimer, ISCAR founder and Chairman; Arie Dahan, CEO of Gan Hataasia; Ahron Valensy, head of regional council, Galil Elyon; Nissim Malka, mayor, Kiryat Shmona; Professor Yona Chen, president of Tel-Chai academy; Yossi Malka, CEO, Tel-Chai academy; Shai Cohen, VP of Operations and Engineering, Mellanox; Michael Kagan, CTO and VP of Architecture, Mellanox; and, Roni Ashuri, VP of Engineering, Mellanox.
Following Kapamilya actor Ahron Villena's denial of a supposed 'past romance' with comedienne Catherine 'Cacai' Bautista, online bashers have ridiculed her as too 'assuming.
Jacobite maphrain Gregory II Abu'lfaraj bar Ahron, better known as Bar Hebraeus (1226-86), was a prolific author in Syriac, a polymath whose interests included the study of history.
Ahron Bregman was taking a shortcut through a field on his way home from work when the shocking phone call arrived.
massive, with Edelstahhandlaufhaltern deliver approximately 2 300 meters wall handrail as a round wooden handrail, Ahron, in individual lengths of corners and Endkr?
The exhibition opened on October 5, 1935 and featured (in addition to works by Fefranc and Walinska), the works of Boris Aronson, Ahron Ben-Shmuel, Donald Forbes, Henry Major, Rosa Newman, Philip Reisman, Ary Stillman, and Arshile Gorky.
Hillel Sommer, "From Childhood to Maturity: Outstanding Issues in Implementation of the Constitutional Revolution" (2004) 1 Law and Business 60; Ahron Barak, "The Constitutional Revolution--12th Anniversary" (2004) I Law and Business 3 (both reviewing central aspects of the Constitutional Revolution for its twelfth anniversary and demonstrating how the constitutional doctrines are evolving); Ahron Barak, "The Constitutionalization of the Legal System Following the Basic Laws and its Impact on Criminal Law (Substantive and Procedural)" (1996) 13 Mechkarai Mishpat 5 (expecting a development of a "tier system" in Israeli constitutional doctrines following the Constitutional Revolution).
Instead, I would suggest A History of Israel by Ahron Bregman, another Israeli military historian, but one who provides a more balanced and less tendentious introduction to the history of the State of Israel.
quoting Ahron Barak, Foreword, A Judge on Judging: The Role of a Supreme Court in a Democracy, 116 HARV.