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Charles D., U.S. physician, 1866-1951. See: Aaron sign.
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in the Old Testament of the Bible, Moses' brother.
Aaron rod - walking stick (rod) with one serpent twined around it, used as a symbol for medicine.
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In recent history, this progressive tendency has been due to the leadership of one figure, Aharon Barak.
Aqueles que conseguiram escapar do inferno do Holocausto, uma vez instalados na Terra Santa, seguirao um verdadeiro ritual de superacao, e parte desse ritual envolve o aprendizado e a assuncao da lingua hebraica--que para Aharon Appelfeld vai coincidir com o desabrochar de sua vocacao artistica.
"I don't know if we made a social change in Israel by this bus project, but the people who were in this group really went through something," Aharon says.
If it hadn't been for one loyal friend who visited and helped him every day, Aharon says he would have given up completely.
Aharon Sela, president of Camtek Asia, said that this strategic cooperation represented the start of a long-term partnership that will increase Camtek's business in Japan and enable the company to enter new market segments such as memory products, LED, CIS, 3-D integration, MEMS, compound semiconductor and automotive IC.
AHARON SHAKED, co-founder of online gambling giant 888.com, has died at the age of 58.
For Aharon Levran, then one of Israel's highest ranking intelligence officers, Marwan was "worth every penny" the Israelis paid him to divulge Egypt's military secrets and provide an early warning of an enemy attack on Israel.
Therefore, the author chose to discuss these aspects of the modesty requirements among the women of one of the most extreme Hassidic groups Toldot Aharon. In particular, to study was focused on the meaning these women assign to an extremely demanding custom practiced by this group--shaving off their hair upon marriage and covering their heads with black kerchiefs--and the way they cope with this requirement.
Summary: The secretary general of the Israeli Foreign Ministry, Aharon Abramowitz, called on the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) to do more to stop Hizbullah from ignoring UN Resolution 1701, Israeli newspaper The Jerusalem Post reported on Tuesday.
Nicholas Burns, the US under-secretary of state for political affairs, and Israeli Foreign Minister Director-General Aharon Abramovitz signed the memorandum of understanding in Jerusalem.
The Holocaust looms about Aharon Appelfeld's fiction.
But according to reports, 888 founders and majority shareholders Avi and Aharon Shaked want to establish ties with a conventional gambling company rather than another online casino.