Aha! Phenomenon

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A flash of insight related to a problem—e.g., integration of a complex set of data—which may result in a solution to the problem
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Obviously, that creative spark, that new insight, that aha! moment is often crucial to producing new ideas and advancing knowledge.
Whether it is a question from me, one of my guests, or another visitor, I am always prepared to talk about things in that viewing area, and to expand on any questions to try to incorporate a short theme, an idea, and to try to make that special Aha! moment happen.
The Aha! Moment comes from the author known for his Daedalus column and tells stories about scientific thinking and creators--including his own contributions to mainstream science such as his notion of chemical gardens in space.
So, to keep this aha! moment fresh in my heart and mind, I have decided that every time I pour my laundry detergent into the machine to wash a load of clothes, I will be grateful for what I have.
Discovering a beautiful piece of writing can be akin to unearthing a buried treasure the aha! moment, the second glance, the settling into a comfortable chair to fully savor the experience--choosing books tends more toward serendipity than science.
For the Department's 16 Diplomats in Residence, it's the Aha! moment.
Several shoppers have brought their disappointments to our attention in the last few months, one with a comment that gave me an AHA! moment.
The pleasure of ambigrams is the lovely aha! moment when you do look at one "the other way" and see the same word (or, often, an appropriately opposite word) looking back at you.
NASDAQ: ITWO) will host a complimentary Web seminar, "Zen Retailing: Discover Your Aha! Moment," featuring the story of how i2 customer Woolworths South Africa is tackling retail challenges--such as optimization of assortment, price, size and pack, inventory, and flow--and its strategies for success.
There will be a few aha! moments if we are doing something smart in Adelaide for example, why not do it here in Brisbane as well?
Conscious capitalists, founders, owners, and leaders at all levels who are passionate about their business will love the practical, proven strategies and tactics illustrated by colorful success stories that create AHA! Moments, and enlivened by over 15 downloadable resources for additional learning.