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(trak'tŏr, tōr),
An instrument for exerting traction on an organ or structure.
[Mod. L. a drawer, see traction]
A popular term for a molecule—e.g., a carrier protein—that links to a poorly- or non-antigenic molecule—e.g., a hapten—enhancing its immunogenicity and mediating transportation through the cell or body


(trăk′tor) [L., drawer]
Any device or instrument for applying traction.
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The guidance system can navigate an agricultural vehicle following both straight and curved rows accurately at a speed up to 3.
This new loan will enable Spanish SMEs to renew their road transport or agricultural vehicles, delivering a clear environmental and competitive impact for these companies.
The Government must provide greater clarity over which category differing agricultural vehicles fit into.
Industry came to us seeking more flexible and productive arrangements for oversized agricultural vehicles on heavy vehicle routes and weve acted," Mr Hinchliffe said.
NFU transport adviser Peter Garbutt said: "Modern agricultural vehicles are constructed for the European market and so it makes sense to have common safety standards.
Lot 2 - supply of new tires for agricultural vehicles and engines with related service 64 000 EUR (including VAT).
Lot 2: New tires for trucks, machinery and agricultural vehicles.
Commercial applications include parts for automobiles and heavy industrial and agricultural vehicles.

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