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(trak'tŏr, tōr),
An instrument for exerting traction on an organ or structure.
[Mod. L. a drawer, see traction]
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A popular term for a molecule—e.g., a carrier protein—that links to a poorly- or non-antigenic molecule—e.g., a hapten—enhancing its immunogenicity and mediating transportation through the cell or body
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(trăk′tor) [L., drawer]
Any device or instrument for applying traction.
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Navigation of agricultural vehicles and assessment of crop growth status are two representative operations for information-based precision agriculture production.
"This improvement will allow agricultural vehicles using a new track to maintain access to Wig farmland between Roman Road (Henffordd) and the Wig underpass.
The event follows on from a series of similar workshops held throughout the country over the last few years and inform farmers about the rules and regulations of using the road with agricultural vehicles.
The plans, which formed part of the European Union's wide-ranging Roadworthiness Package, would have introduced new costly MOT-style testing for many agricultural vehicles including tractors and all livestock trailers.
Stan Roberts with his revolutionary device which safely couples different implements to the front or rear of agricultural vehicles
The Government must provide greater clarity over which category differing agricultural vehicles fit into.
This opens new potential in window profiles, siding, and sheet for thermoformed parts of spas, boat hulls, and recreational and agricultural vehicles.
The regulation, which could come into force in 2014, aims to simplify, improve and standardise safety rules for the construction of agricultural vehicles and their towed equipment.
Coming soon is the Xylex W3 opaque series with greater scratch resistance and outdoor weatherability for agricultural vehicles, personal watercraft, and snowmobiles.

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