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(trak'tŏr, tōr),
An instrument for exerting traction on an organ or structure.
[Mod. L. a drawer, see traction]
A popular term for a molecule—e.g., a carrier protein—that links to a poorly- or non-antigenic molecule—e.g., a hapten—enhancing its immunogenicity and mediating transportation through the cell or body


(trăk′tor) [L., drawer]
Any device or instrument for applying traction.
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In 1975, OSHA attempted to address this problem by requiring ROPS on all agricultural tractors larger than 20 hp and manufactured after October 25, 1976.
In terms of unit sales, APAC was the largest agricultural tractor market in 2016.
Also, there is a growing demand for comfort and safety in agricultural tractors (Rozin, Schlosser, Werner, Perin, & Santos, 2010).
Invitation to tender17711-2017 - agricultural tractor 31.
Figure 1 shows a flow diagram to illustrate the procedure adopted to determine traction efficiency of an agricultural tractor 4x2 with front wheel assist.
Supply of (a) four hydraulic hammers to mount on an excavator, (b) two agricultural tractors equipped with a pallet for the cutting & leveling of grass & (c) one agricultural tractor equipped with a plough in three lots.
The design of damping systems employed in agricultural tractor seats begins with the determination of the vibrations acting on the tractor.
Carraro said this line of independent suspension axles will cover agricultural tractor sizes from 70 to 270 hp.
Tenders are invited for General Purpose Agricultural Tractor Make Kubota
Supply of an agricultural tractor of not less than 65 Hp capacity.
Contract notice: LOT 1Acquisition of an agricultural tractor with proposal to take over an old tractor: Make FIAT, Type 8294 DT, Year 1995.

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