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The science of taming the land to grow crops and raise animals for food, clothing or other products.


the cultivation of the soil for any aspect of farming or horticulture.
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Moreover, while the agricultural surplus labor is available domestically (endogenous), the flow of foreign capitals is exogenous.
For the first time, communities had a significant agricultural surplus.
The Physiocrats knew that the rate of economic development depended on the size of the agricultural surplus - without some surplus, there was no hope for the creation of a manufacturing sector.
Where state intervention had been intended to create an agricultural surplus to provide for its modernization programme, peasants responded to price policies by diversification into non-agricultural production.
As agricultural surplus is still there, they will engage in looting and other disorderly activities for gaining access to food.
They want to convert countries like India into markets for their agricultural surplus.
Thus, the source of the problem is that agricultural surplus is not realized fully.
Unlike the Spanish missions of central and southern California, the cold climate of this coastal northern region never provided an agricultural surplus.

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