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The science of taming the land to grow crops and raise animals for food, clothing or other products.


the cultivation of the soil for any aspect of farming or horticulture.
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and Canada use advanced farming techniques which help them produce high-quality agricultural produce that meets international standards for export.
Jayadutta Holkar, director of the Lasangaon agricultural produce market committee, the largest onion market in Asia, acknowledged that onion prices had shot up but expressed optimism about their coming down in the next few days.
He alleged: "The have forced me into paying Ushr on the agricultural produce from 2.
In the report, the increase in agricultural inputs has to be taken into consideration, plus 50 per cent profit has to be given for agricultural produce.
The declarations further state the chief secretary, home secretary and agricultural produce commissioner have neither jewellery nor land.
In the West, there is a reluctance to accept processed agricultural produce from Africa, although they generally are prepared to accept such produce from countries like China and Brazil.
Agricultural produce bill: The House also unanimously passed the Sindh Wholesale Agricultural Produce Markets (Development and Regulation) Bill, 2010 moved by Sindh Law Minister Ayaz Soomro.
4% in the period between August 2008 and July 2009, a rate essentially generated by the soaring prices of fresh agricultural produce, the National Office of Statistics (ONS) underlined on Tuesday.
Agricultural produce is a sensitive issue (for Japan).
The unit will facilitate the efficient processing and inspection of agricultural produce, said Chief Technical Director in the Ministry of Agriculture and Lands, Don McGlashan.
The inaugural volume of the series Emerging Issues in Food Safety, this volume provides information on the essential aspects of controlling the dangers of microorganisms on fresh agricultural produce from farmer to consumer.
To make this claim they point to the fact that tremendous amounts of agricultural produce were brought to Rome from the empire's North African provinces, rather than grown locally.

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