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The science of taming the land to grow crops and raise animals for food, clothing or other products.
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the cultivation of the soil for any aspect of farming or horticulture.
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However, the problem is that agriculture is a state subject and the state governments determine the amount of freedom that is to be given to corporates in the purchase of agricultural produce.
The stakeholders also identified 'poor compliance to standards, improper regulation and multiple taxation' as other issues that need to be addressed to enhance agricultural produce exportation.
As per rules of the committee, any officer or servant has the power of inspection and seizure of agriculture produce he/she, in the course of performance of his/her duties, may enter into a building, enclosure, or place used for sale, purchase, weighment, or measurement of an agricultural produce in the market.
BEIRUT: Syrian authorities finally allowed trucks to carry Lebanese potatoes and bananas into Syria Tuesday after prohibiting the entry of Lebanon's agricultural produce.
Irtwange, said that the use of Ikorodu terminal as a base for the exportation of yam and other agricultural produce had been delayed due to the differences between the NPA and the Min.
A Nantou County agricultural produce exhibition and lychee taste competition was held in Jiji Township yesterday.
He further said with the help of Agricultural Produce Market Committee (APMC) and electronic National Agriculture Market (e-NAM) platform, the farmers do not have to go far enough to sell their products.
Various mechanisms for intervention price were discussed for upcoming cotton crop and it was highlighted that despite surplus production, export of agricultural produce remained low as Pakistan lags behind in product marketing.
The regulated market trading of agricultural produce did not succeed much in southern Tamil Nadu though it was started 36 years ago with the noble aim of eliminating middlemen interference between buyers and the farming community and providing the best prices to farmers and quality produce to buyers.
Syria really needs Lebanese agricultural produce and we must oblige," Howayek explained.
Jamaican farmers supplied 75% to 80% of the US$60 million worth of agricultural produce used by the tourist and hotel industry in 1996, says State Minister for Agriculture Dr.

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