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Variant of agrochemical.


, agrichemical (ag″rŏ-kem′ĭ-kăl) [ agri(culture) + chemical]
1. Pert. to chemicals used in agriculture, e.g., fertilizers, pesticides, or feed supplements.
2. Such a chemical.
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Through the new subsidiary, Sumitomo Chemical will carry out market surveys and research and development on agricultural chemicals for crops such as paddy rice and corn.
Under the Agricultural Chemicals Control Law, chemicals may not be used unless they are registered by the regulatory authorities.
According to Gordon Brain, who does global market research for DowElanco, the market for agricultural chemicals is immense.
Agricultural Chemical Usage, California Vegetable Summary 1990.
Other scientists in the region had been concerned that petroleum products, pesticides, and agricultural chemicals flushed into Pamlico Sound would end up trapped in the sediments there.
Growers can now access agricultural chemicals, seed, equipment parts and animal health products being offered by dealers, distributors and manufacturers from around the country at XSAg.
Since the JAS law was revised on April 1, only products guaranteed by a third party to contain no agricultural chemicals or chemical fertilizers are entitled to bear the organic JAS stamp.
JAMES WILBUR of SALOMON SMITH BARNEY reviews the performance of the AGRICULTURAL CHEMICALS industry, and examines recent changes that have impacted companies in that sector.
Among the first of the CFDA's priorities are to establish a comprehensive monitoring mechanism for the processing and sale of food products and to conduct routine premarket monitoring of pesticides and other agricultural chemicals in food.
Philadelphia, agree that Dow AgroSciences LLC, the Indianapolis-based Dow subsidiary, will purchase Rohm and Haas's Agricultural Chemicals business.

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