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Variant of agrochemical.
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, agrichemical (ag″rŏ-kem′ĭ-kăl) [ agri(culture) + chemical]
1. Pert. to chemicals used in agriculture, e.g., fertilizers, pesticides, or feed supplements.
2. Such a chemical.
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Based on the incident descriptions obtained by MFHS, each of the 10 eye injuries to adults would most likely have been prevented if appropriate and well-fitting eye protection had been worn while those persons engaged in work with agricultural chemicals, power and hand tools, and grain- or seed-moving equipment.
The world market for agricultural chemicals is about $25 billion a year.
Agricultural Chemical Usage, 2002 Field Crop Summary.
They include containers for automotive and marine fluids, agricultural chemicals, gasoline, and paint and related products.
It also ordered quarantine stations to expand the food items subject to agricultural chemical residue checks to all processed vegetables from the current 18 and increase the number of samples per cargo to 16 from eight.
Methods in Agricultural Chemical Analysis: A Practical Handbook N.
Prior to joining the company he was regional sales manager for Microflo Company and managed agricultural chemical sales for eight Midwestern states.
A green tea retailer in Chigasaki, Kanagawa Prefecture has begun recalling its organic tea products after a test by a consumer group found traces of an agricultural chemical in a sample, group officials said Thursday.
(JT) and British agricultural chemical maker Zeneca Ltd.
Shareholders in Novartis and AstraZeneca approve the spinoff and merger of their companies' agricultural chemical units to create the world's largest crop protection group, Syngenta.

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