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The science of taming the land to grow crops and raise animals for food, clothing or other products.


the cultivation of the soil for any aspect of farming or horticulture.
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Finally, Table 2 shows that over the years, occupation in the agricultural sector and non-agricultural sectors as self-employed has been less preferred by the labor force in Bhutan.
Supporting private sector initiatives provide added value for the development of agricultural sectors in the intervention areas.
He said provincial governments should also adopt prudent policies in agricultural sector.
This paper modifies Ram (1986) two-sector production model in order to estimate the threshold government size in agricultural sector.
The minister said that Israeli aggression exacted a very high price on the Lebanese agricultural sector.
These corporations dominate the agricultural sector of many developing countries.
The approach also encourages decentralized decision-making and closer coordination with infrastructure authorities--such as federal and local irrigation districts--to strengthen the underlying institutional framework of the Mexican agricultural sector.
Pryor uses a wealth of primary and (especially) secondary sources to present a cogent description of how agricultural sectors throughout the world, from the Soviet Union to the Seychelles, were changed by socialism.
Scope: Most agricultural sectors have greatly suffered from the crisis, with a withdrawal of the state of consulting, deteriorating infrastructure (tracks, irrigation), credit access difficulties or pressure on land.
Hamad bin Said al-Oufi, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries for Fisheries today met experts team from the Food & Agriculture Organization (FAO), currently visiting the Sultanate in a preparatory mission to prepare the comprehensive and national strategy for the agricultural sectors with participation of various governmental agencies concerned with the agricultural sector.

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