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(ăg′ə-nĭs′tĭk) also


Of or relating to an agonist.

ag′o·nis′ti·cal·ly adv.
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Anatomy Referring to a muscle with an activity similar to the index muscle.
Pharmacology Referring to an agonist (drug).
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Berlin's liberalism was, in fact, Gray insisted, "agonistic liberalism", a liberalism that depended entirely on political and cultural contingency and not reason.
The London-based political theorist argues that this unique project of political and economic integration must redefine itself along agonistic lines in order to survive.
Further, these forms of action are predicated on participation and experimentation, reflecting Barnett and Bridge's analysis of agonistic pragmatism, which "acknowledge[s] that participation in complex, differentiated, unequal, and spatially and temporally distantiated social formations is necessarily mediated, partial, and reflexive" (Barnett and Bridge, 2013: 1025).
So the ambiguities or apparent contradictions found in Huizinga's use of terms such as free and voluntary, ordered, temporal and spatial limitations and representations or agonistics become clear once we contextualise them within one order of discourse or another.
Backwriting does not have to be agonistic to be valuable.
"Criminality and Poe's Orangutan: The Question of Race in Detection." In Agonistics: Arenas of Creative Contest, ed.
This stylization captures something of the agonistics, if not the psychodynamics, of the OK Corral conflict that has been waged here this decade.
The book does not enact the agonistics it wants to showcase, and thus its own aesthetics seem strangely at odds with its subject matter.
In Beckett's work, these temporal agonistics centre upon punctuation.