Aggrieved Party

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An employee who has a labour-related complaint which has not yet been formally lodged with the human resources department of the institution
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'It is surprising, but everyone has their own options,' the chief justice observed, reiterating that the IHC was the real forum for the aggrieved party to seek any relief.
The petition may be filed by the aggrieved party or by any qualified person or entity in the following order:
Pursuant to Article 198(3) of the CPC BiH, the aggrieved party Azra Saric was advised to pursue her compensation claim in civil proceedings, stated the BiH Court.
He said that it was the right of the aggrieved party to submit review petition after court's verdict while it was agreed to look into the matter of putting name of Asia Bibi in Exit Control List.
He claims that it was based on aggrieved marketers' protests that the Vice President thought to move in and to bring some civilities to the LMA.'Following all those interventions - calling the aggrieved party, calling the LMA leadership to meeting, all of them agreed in one accord that yes there was a need for audit,' he explains.
He reiterated the call for any aggrieved party to seek redress from the court, and appealed to those hiding behind the innocent state security personnel to desist from that.
Though an All Parties Conference has been held in Islamabad and political and religious parties as well as alliances leadership are crying hoarse about the general election and rejecting its results emanating out of rigging, it is pertinent to mention here that while resorting to such allegations and accusations none of the so-called aggrieved party has so far lodged any formal complaint with the Election Commission from anywhere throughout the country as has also been pointed out in the clarification issued by the Election Commission.
The chase did not get off to a great start with Aiden Goodin being the aggrieved party in a run-out but then the innings went smoothly into top gear.
The attorney representing the aggrieved party informed the court Rohitha Bogollagama's wife continued to threaten the plaintiff over the phone.
bench held that the petitioner was not an aggrieved party as
"In the event that the decision of an auditor was received by the aggrieved party beyond the prescriptive period, such decision shall be deemed without force and effect, such that the aggrieved party need not file an appeal," according to HB 6761.
If things go downhill for one of parties, the CPA then appears to have favored one party over the other or may appear to no longer have the client's best interests at heart, leading juries to sympathize with the aggrieved party. The benefit of hindsight and the facts laid out by a skilled attorney can make things even harder on the CPA.