Aggrieved Party

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An employee who has a labour-related complaint which has not yet been formally lodged with the human resources department of the institution
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There are usually four key roles in mediation: 1) the mediator/s, 2) the aggrieved party (in the informal stage) or complainant (formal stage), 3) the responding official (the individual alleged to have made the decision or taken the action that is in dispute), and 4) the resolving official (the person in the bureau or at post who represents the Department).
May 15, 2014 (JUBA) -- South Sudan's government said on Thursday that it will not initiate an agenda for talks with the rebels, saying its delegation would only respond to issues raised by the aggrieved party.
In an attempt to resolve the matter through tribal arbitration, a mediation committee provided 21 Kalashnikovs and YR500,000 ($2,325) to the aggrieved party and pledged that the soldiers would remain in custody until an agreement is reached.
The panchayat leader sentenced Ajmal's sister, F Bibi, to be raped by the men from the aggrieved party as a settlement for his brother's alleged affair.
This seems to be a personal matter between the husband and the wife where the aggrieved party has a bonafide right to file a complaint.
Manufacturers or distributors adjudged to have violated any provision of the proposed act should be liable to pay a minimum fine of P100,000 as damages to the aggrieved party without prejudice to any civil or criminal liability.
According to Naunovski, the biggest problem are not the 60,000 euro that our country will have to pay to the aggrieved party, not even the explicit formulations, which are startling for the rule of a legal country, written in the explanation of the court's judgment, but the revelation of a series of facts on the status, state and the principles of functioning of many state institutions ten years ago.
Such negotiations are either settled with the payment of blood money or a graceful pardon from the aggrieved party.
Liverpool tried to convince the world everyone was against them and the Uruguayan was the aggrieved party, innocent victim of cruel fate.
However, if making a finding not in favour of an aggrieved party is equated to non service delivery, then Ombudsmen all over the world, courts, tribunals, etc may equally be "guilty" of the same "offence".
Cue stunned gasps from the audience, as the aggrieved party was revealed to be formidable former Smile Stores boss Jeremy Symonds.
Replying to the objections raised by the registrar, Malik said that under Article 184(3) of the constitution, any aggrieved party or citizen could ask the SC for an interpretation of Article 248 of the constitution, and there was no question of locus standi at all.