Aggressive Script

An internalised template for behavior and problem solving that is developed and stored in memory, and characterised by aggression
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Past research has shown that viewing physical violence on TV activates aggressive scripts in the brain, but our findings suggest that watching both onscreen physical or relational aggression activates those cognitive scripts," Linder said.
A I READ the script and was impressed with the adaptation that Doug had done and at the time, in the wake of September 11 and everything that was going on at the time around the world, I was feeling a little disillusioned and reading all these aggressive scripts, I thought none of it really appealed to me.
Consistent exposure to violent media can be instrumental in the creation of a neural network in which there are many aggression-related concepts, along with aggressive scripts for solving interpersonal conflict, beliefs approving the use of aggression, fear about whether other people can be trusted, desensitisation to violence, and callousness toward the fate of others.