Aggravating Circumstances

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Special circumstances that increase the seriousness or outrageousness of a given crime, and thus increase a wrongdoer's penalty or punishment, such as when the crime of aggravated assault, a physical attack made worse when committed with a dangerous weapon, results in severe bodily injury or is made in conjunction with another serious crime. Aggravated assault is usually considered a felony, punishable by a prison sentence.
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He was in the prime of life, but very bald--had been in the army and the coal trade--wore very stiff collars and prodigiously long wristbands--seldom laughed, but talked with remarkable glibness, and was never known to lose his temper under the most aggravating circumstances of prison existence.
It was an aggravating circumstance in the case that he had no idea of this, but conceived that he was making me amends in every new discovery: not to say, heaping obligations on my head.
'How do you do, sir?' said Mr Lillyvick--rather sharply; for he had not known what Nicholas was, on the previous night, and it was rather an aggravating circumstance if a tax collector had been too polite to a teacher.
As the trial continues Katanga, pleaded not guilty to a charge of murder, a count of robbery with aggravating circumstances, and a charge of attempted robbery with aggravating circumstances.
If death is the only penalty imposed, it shall be applied regardless of any mitigating or aggravating circumstances that may have attended the commission of the offense.
When deciding the sentence, the Chamber said it had considered the brutality and ruthlessness of the crime, as well as the fact that the injured party was underage, as aggravating circumstances.
Sokhom was sentenced by Kampong Speu Provincial Court to 25 years in prison on September 16, 2015, for theft with aggravating circumstances under articles 353 and 360 of the Criminal Code.
The Preah Sihanouk provincial court said the building owner was charged with involuntary homicide, involuntarily causing injuries and aggravating circumstances that cause injury.
"When you consider aggravating circumstances, the offence had the potential of affecting multiple people if it was carried to its completion," said Mr Ondari.
Arizona has 14 aggravating circumstances to the death penalty and in order for it to be imposed when a defendant is found guilty of first degree murder, the aggravating circumstance must be proved beyond a reasonable doubt.
After finding the aggravating circumstances, the jury was asked to "unanimously find that there are facts and circumstances in mitigation of punishment sufficient to outweigh facts and circumstances in aggravation of punishment." The jury answered "No."
They will demand a longer sentence for the driver who caused the death of the 38-year-old ballet dancer of the Varna Opera, as well as legal changes and the elimination of fast-track prosecution in cases with aggravating circumstances.