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Collected together, thereby forming a cluster, clump, or mass of individual units.


, agglomerated (ă-glomĕr-ăt, -ātĕd)
To gather into a mass.
[L. ag-glomero, to wind into a ball; from ad, to, + glomus (glomer-) mass, ball of yarn]


(ă-glom′ĕ-rāt″) [L. agglomerare, to roll into a ball]
To congregate, form a mass.
agglomeratio (-rā′shŏn)
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producing a guiding document for definition of agglomerations
Figure 2 showing the population potential in various areas of Pakistan that reflects the higher values in the magnitude of these industrial agglomerations.
However, the city agglomeration has become the main carrier of domestic and international competition in the modern transportation system.
In an attempt to assess the relationship between agglomeration and economic growth we have selected those that seem most appropriate with the study (see Sala-i-Martin et al.
A better knowledge of what determines the location choice of new FDI and whether FDI firms are attracted to agglomerations of economic activity within Mexico will facilitate the creation and implementation of better-informed and more effective regional development policies.
Inter-firm Relationships within an Industry FDI Agglomeration
4) Technological leadership alternates between locations, as agglomerations become locked in to the technologies that create the agglomeration externalities.
Based on the results of their model, Eppli and Shilling found that "most retail establishments, if not all, do indeed benefit from the retail mass agglomerations in regional and super-regional shopping centers" and these establishments "are positively affected by the clustering of stores that sell the same kinds of goods.
Southern California, the granddaddy of all suburban agglomerations, is definitely on the comeback trail.
Commission refers Spain back to the EU Court of Justice for delaying adequate measures in 17 urban agglomerations.
The findings of a Labour Force Survey (LFS) published on November 26 by Eurostat, the Statistical office of the European Communities, reveal that unemployment for all urban agglomerations in the EU was 11.