Agent Orange

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A·gent Or·ange

(ā'jent ōr'anj),
An herbicide and defoliant consisting of (2,4,5-trichlorophenoxy)acetic acid, (2,4-dichlorophenoxy) acetic acid, and dioxin, that was widely used during the Vietnam War; it has been shown to produce residual postexposure carcinogenic and teratogenic effects in humans.

Agent Orange

A herbicide containing trace amounts of the toxic contaminant dioxin, used in the Vietnam War to defoliate areas of forest.
A herbicide contaminated with 1-20 ppm of 2,3,7,8-tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin (TCDD), causing chloracne, cancer, altered enzyme levels, porphyrin metabolism, and immune dysfunction; because TCDD stores in adipose tissue, its long-term effects are currently unknown

agent orange

A defoliant preparation containing the very toxic heterocyclic hydrocarbon DIOXIN. Agent orange was widely used in the Vietnam war and is thought to have been the cause of many cases of cancer and of congenital malformations among the exposed population.
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As I describe below, many aspects of the local experiences of Agent Orange and dioxin slipped through biosocial framework.
An enterprising Senate aide slipped in $12 million for Agent Orange relief in Vietnam, only a small portion of which was for health.
The US authorities insist no Agent Orange was buried on Okinawa and produced a 29-page report rebutting the claims but Jon Mitchell's articles have helped lead to calls for a major investigation into the scale of any buried Agent Orange chemicals in the area.
Despite his impressively detailed research and evident sympathy for the plaintiffs in legal cases where raw political power trumps moral considerations, Martini's own liabilities show up most clearly in his conclusions about Agent Orange court cases where American culpability and scientific uncertainty meet.
"What made me first interested in Agent Orange was the Welsh photographer Philip Jones Griffiths [born in Rhuddlan, Denbighshire, he died in 2008] who documented the legacy of these poisons in Vietnam.
Agent Orange exposure was linked with a 52 percent raise in overall risk of prostate cancer detection by biopsy.
Vietnam veterans and their families had many questions involving their exposure to Agent Orange and sought assistance from Congress to investigate their health concerns.
The transaction enables Office and General to offer a wider range of services to its established client base and the opportunity to expand the Agent Orange brand nationally.
As many as 3 million Vietnamese have suffered cancers, birth defects, and other diseases that the Vietnamese government believes are linked to Agent Orange.
Some batches of Agent Orange, which was manufactured for the U.S.
air base in Vietnam contaminated by a chemical connected to Agent Orange will be cleaned in a joint effort between the United States and Vietnam, The Associated Press reported.
The base was a key site in the US defoliant program during the Vietnam War, and much of the 80 million litres (21 million gallons) of Agent Orange used during "Operation Ranch Hand" was mixed, stored and loaded onto planes there.