Agent 15

A·gent 15

An incapacitating chemical-warfare agent purportedly developed by Iraq in the 1980s; thought to be similar or identical to QNB.
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With this in mind, Lewis recalled the December suspicions -- revealed in a leaked Obama administration cable -- that the Syrian regime used BZ, a chemical agent similar to Agent 15 which is banned in war but not for crowd control.
The cable, detailing the use of "Agent 15" in Homs on December 23, was allegedly signed by the U.S.
The official said that it was 100 percent, but Syrian contacts made a compelling case that Agent 15 was used in Homs on Dec.
Doctors have said that Assad's forces are probably also using "Agent 15," which causes paralysis.
It took the agent 15 minutes to apply for the visa while I was paying my car parking via my phone.
A timer for mobile devices, which RealLead is seeking to patent, would give the listing agent 15 minutes to decide whether to claim the lead, forward it to another agent, or decline it.
The truck team calls the agent 15 to 30 minutes ahead so the realtor knows exactly when the truck team will be arriving on site.
"My thing is this: You have to pay a booking agent 15 percent, you have to pay a manager 15-20 percent, you've got to pay your tithe and that's another 10 percent--that's a potential 50 percent," she says.
Juninho must realise it after upsetting the boss and then leaving with his agent 15 minutes after the final whistle.
His scientists are known to have developed Agent 15 and VX gas which attack the central nervous system.
Britain has said that Saddam still possesses the capacity to produce the lethal anthrax virus and the deadly VX nerve gas as well as Agent 15 - another nerve agent.