age hardening

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age har·den·ing

(āj hahrdĕn-ing)
Heat treatment that increases the strength and hardness of some dental alloys.
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Hamsberger, "Lime treatment of asphalt to reduce age hardening and improve flow properties," Proceeding of the Association of Asphalt Paving Technologists, vol.
This is done by studying the quench sensitivity, forming, precipitation, and age hardening behaviour of the AW-7921-T4 sheet with the help of dilatometry (DIL), deep drawing, differential scanning calorimetry (DSC), and tension and hardness tests.
Variation of hardness was induced by retained austenite transformation to martensite and age hardening. Similar processes can be observed in the maraging martensitic steels.
Their topics include thermodynamic calculations for quantifying the phase fraction and element partition in maraging systems and precipitation hardening steels, quantifying phase transformation kinetics and age hardening, over-ageing, precipitation hardening stainless steels, and applying artificial neural networks in the modeling of steel properties.
Nahouji is a researcher who evaluated the effect of nanostructuring on the formation of age hardening precipitate as well as examining the thermal stability of nanostructured Al6061 alloy (produced by mechanical milling) during isothermal treatment and identifying the mechanism governing grains growth."Commercial Al6061 alloy chips together with stearic acid (as process controller) were milled in a planetary ball mill.