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a semi-woody perennial native of the American continent. Pulque and aquamiel are produced from it as fermented beverages, and mescal and tequila may in turn be distilled from these.


a genus of the plant family Agavaceae.

Agave americana
contains an unknown toxin; causes lameness, recumbency and muscle damage. Called also century plant, American aloe.
Agave lecheguilla
contains a steroidal or lithogenic saponin; causes photosensitive dermatitis. Called also lecheguilla, tula ixtle.
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Dos nuevos taxones del genero Agave descritos en el Jardin Botanico de Valencia.
Row upon row of blue agaves stretched in all directions, each plant's needle-tipped leaves rising head high.
Especies mexicanas de Curculionidae (Insecta: Coleoptera) asociadas con agaves (Asparagaceae: Agaviodeae).
Desert agave take decades to establish and a rosette must be >1,000 g in dry weight before flowering can occur (Tissue and Nobel, 1990).
2] (slightly less than the average (Tambutti, 2002) for agaves of 12,100 [km.
El estado de Jalisco, Mexico es el principal proveedor de agave azul tequilero (Agave tequilana Weber), con una superficie sembrada de 100,316 hectareas que representan 71% de la superficie sembrada del pais, y emplea a mas de 80,000 familias (Perez y Del eal, 2007).
La importancia de esta planta para Tonaya es tal, que hasta en el escudo de armas (vease figura 2), disenado en 1986, se aprecia un campo de agaves (Ayuntamiento de Tonaya 2007-2027).
Trends also indicate that consumers are trading up into the premium and super-premium spaces, as they become more educated on the category and 100% agave tequilas.
We have become a destination for tequila aficionados in the Northwest and the states we've moved into," says Brian Livesay, an agave expert and the bar manager at the chain's Boise, ID, location.
Since creating tequila is a long-term agricultural process agaves must grow for 5 to 12 years before being suitable for harvest--leaving money in the ground can be costly.
Just like the rule that champagne can only be produced in its home region of France, 100% agave tequila can only be produced from the Weber blue agave plant found close to that part of Mexico.