Agatston, Arthur

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Arthur, U.S. cardiologist.
Agatston score - in CT scanning, the measure of coronary calcium present.
Agatston method - protocol used for screening of coronary calcium.
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Warren Janowitz, first reported in 1991, resulted in the Agatston Score, a method for screening for coronary calcium that is currently used throughout the world and considered by many experts to be an important predictor of heart disease.
Although his team did not use the standard Agatston score to assess CAC, Dr.
A nurse clinician gave me the disturbing news immediately after the test that my Agatston Score was 1606.
The scoring programs are typically used for coronary artery calcification quantification and generate both an Agatston score (reported as Agatston Units, AU) and volumetric score (reported as m[m.
Proof-of-concept study demonstrates good correlation with the standard Agatston score
Also at baseline, 57% of participants had no coronary artery calcium; 22% had an Agatston score of 0-10: 12% scored 11-99: and 8% scored 100 or greater.
In addition, year 15 paraoxonase activity was not associated with progression of CAC (defined as an increase in Agatston score >10 U) over a 5-year period (odds ratio for 53 nmol/mL/min increase in paraoxonase activity 0.
Because 47% of participants with any CAC had a low Agatston score of <20 (83% had an Agatston score <100), primary analyses used CAC presence or absence as the dependent variable to ascertain the proportion of participants who had any CAC for each sex group within quartiles of [F.
48) However the specificity of CTA is reduced in the presence of coronary artery calcium if the Agatston score is >400.
Agatston score and renal calculi volumes were calculated by means of computed tomography without contrast enhancement.