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Agastache rugosa, a botanical sometimes used as a flavoring agent; purported value as useful in pregnancy disorders in traditional Chinese medicine.
Synonym(s): Korean mint.
[G. agastachē, fr. agan, much, + stachys, spike, ear of corn]
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Fortunately, keeping agastache, coreopsis, and similarly exuberant perennials in line is satisfyingly easy.
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The 5 plant species examined in this manner were: Agastache hybrid, A.
The authors suggested the anti-viral activity may be due to the phytochemical composition of Calendula officinalis or Agastache rugosa, (13) which are used traditionally for their anti-spasmolytic and anti-bacterial actions.
x Agastache nepetoides (L.) Kuntze x Agastache scrophulariifolia x (Willd.) Kuntze Ageratina altissima (L.) R.M.
It is also cultivated in southern China including Guangdong and Hainan Province and was called Guang Huo Xiang to differentiate it from the HuoXiang of the north due to the species Agastache rugosa that it resembles [27].
Every 10 g Huxin Formula granules consisted of ginseng (10 g), Exocarpium Citri Rubrum (5 g), Panax pseudoginseng (8g), Pinellia ternata (10 g), Salvia miltiorrhiza (10 g), and Agastache (10 g) as crude drug.
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