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A deciduous tree, the resinous wood of which is diuretic, stimulant, and tonic; it is used for angina, fatigue, gastritis, HTN, neurosis, paresthesias of extremities, mental stress
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The first three men were arrested after they entered the hotel and were caught with two kilos of Agarwood and P1.8 million in cash, said Police Brigadier General Gilberto DC Cruz, PR0-13 chief.
Seized from the suspects were around 20 kilos of "Agarwood" and P4 million cash, Cruz said.
Agarwood, a huge part of the GCC culture and heritage, is a symbol of the famed Arabian hospitality.
See Persoon and van Beek (2008) on Agarwood production in Southeast Asia.
Salalah Agarwood Resort will have a hotel, villas and apartments featuring a sustainable design concept.
Taking inspiration from the east and west, the old and new, the classic and contemporary, Lootah Perfumes include an exquisite range of products like Oriental and French perfumes, incenses, fragrant oud, luxury perfumed blended oils and the finest agarwood. Each product is made from all natural ingredients, using techniques and recipes passed down through generations of skilled perfumers.
"I would like to request the government to legalize the farming of sandalwood, agarwood etc.
A Cambodian company is teaming up with a Thai investment partner to spend $100 million improving the quality of Cambodia's agarwood trees, according to a memorandum of understanding signed by the two companies yesterday.
Notable hotel openings that are confirmed for 2018 include Shaza Salalah and Agarwood.
Millennium is also developing a new mid-scale hotel brand called Agarwood; the 'eco-lifestyle concept' is expected to launch in Salalah, Oman in 2018.
An eco-lifestyle resort under the Agarwood brand is being built near the mall.
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