against medical advice

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against medical advice (ama)

a phrase pertaining to a client's decision to discontinue a therapy despite the advice of medical professionals.


Ayurvedic medicine
A physiologic impurity in the ayurvedic construct.

Abbreviation for “against medical advice”. The self-discharge of a patient from a healthcare facility, contrary to what his or her physician(s) perceive to be in the patient’s best interests


Abbreviation for:
acute metabolic acidosis
acute metabolic alkalosis
advanced maternal age
against medical advise (usually abbreviated in lower case, ama) (Medspeak-UK)
American Medical Association
anterior mesenteric artery
antimitochondrial antibody
antimyosin antibodies
antithyroid microsomal antibody
Association of Metropolitan Authorities (Medspeak-UK)
Australian Medical Association

against medical advice



A patient's refusal of medically recommended treatments, esp. in the hospital. Dropping out of care or leaving a hospital AMA typically occurs when patients are dissatisfied with the pace or course of their care, carry substance abuse diagnoses, or have a history of multiple hospitalizations. The action may result in an increase in both morbidity and rehospitalization.

Patient care

The patient is asked to sign a release form indicating that the health care facility and those responsible for medical care are not liable for any adverse outcome that may result from the termination of care.

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Reference: "Discharge Against Medical Advice among Elderly Inpatients in the US.
While some researchers have examined the prevalence and likely causes of discharge against medical advice, the legal and ethical implications of DAMA need to be examined, especially in the setting of a developing country such as Nigeria where relativism may apply when dealing with some of these issues.
A 96 YEAR-old widow died just two days after being moved out of a Christian care home against medical advice.
For his drinking problem, he was about to be admitted to a psychiatric hospital--and was saved from this absolutely terrifying prospect only by his father's courage to sign him out AMA, against medical advice.
This is now made much clearer, in that one of the new guidelines for GPs, states that doctors should contact the DVLA or DVA immediately, if a patient continues to drive against medical advice.
During this admission, she received another drug used to stop premature labor, and was discharged, against medical advice, on June 27.
In this case, the decision to go against medical advice compounds the difficulty of discerning whether this patient had capacity in the first place.
With medical science confused and trying drugs that added more conditions and complications, James Patterson and Hal Friedman's AGAINST MEDICAL ADVICE (1600243657, $34.
The BJP has also decided to go against medical advice will be sending an air ambulance to fly in Harischandra Chavan, who is currently admitted at a hospital in Nasik after meeting with an accident.
Sources said the star had demanded to leave a psychiatric ward at Cedars-Sinai hospital against medical advice and was back at her home in Beverly Hills.
But what should happen when a medical patient wants to leave the hospital against medical advice but might be harmed by doing so?