African American

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African American

An American citizen with origins in any of the black racial groups of Africa.

African American

Multiculture A person having origins in any of the black racial groups of Africa. See Race.

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Q. does anyone know of any really good salons in germany for african american hair?

A. Germany is quite big, but here (
) you can find an "afro-shop" according to your location, and here ( is a list of hair salons sorted by zip code.

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34) In an article in the Baltimore Afro-American in July 24, 1951, Stewart highlighted racial discrimination at a U.
However, Whiteman himself never believed he was the "King of Jazz" and thought jazz was an Afro-American invention.
Four other issues were also discussed: (1) a project for an international organization of Black people; (2) the creation of an international association of Black people; (3) Africa and Latin Afro-American relations; and (4) the presence of Black women.
In Malaysia, the source revealed that the contacts of Veloso's recruiter were a certain "Donna," of African descent, and persons known only as alias "Kingsley," and alias "White," who are both Afro-Americans.
Guide for the Teacher Using Voices from the Black Experience: African and Afro-American Literature.
His commitment to the serious academic study of the Afro-American experience was to be seen in his development of courses in that area offered by the history department.
Charles Jackson of the AASU underscored that "the administration's proposal for a department of Afro-American Studies is irrelevant.
I will also indicate that there are interesting parallels between the oral historian or griot in African societies and some contemporary Afro-American writers such as Ralph Ellison.
When have Afro-Americans truly had the means of production and distribution over this music-the record companies and distributors?
Moreover, many Afro-American veterans felt more confident and were more willing to join the civil rights fight.
In New Orleans, Community Book Center and both locations of the Afro-American Book Stop had major damage.