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A honeybee strain—Apis mellifera scutellata L—from Africa that has certain behaviors with adaptive value in the tropics, including swarming, absconding tendencies, defensive behavior and opportunistic use of resources
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Rubink and Wilson, along with Mexican collaborators, set up a trapline to monitor changes in the feral honey bee population as Africanized bees moved northward.
Africanized bees took over pollination of two plant families that had been important food sources for native bees: the cashew family and the spurge family.
According to officials at the Los Angeles County Vector Control District, the danger posed by Africanized bees is largely overblown.
The Africanized bees respond far more aggressively than common European honeybees to what they perceive as a threat.
Tests showed they were killer bees and, based on the bees' flying range, officials can safely say Africanized bees will now start turning up all over the San Fernando Valley.
If we really had serious Africanized bees in LA, people would be chased down the street every day,'' she said.
Unlike the European honey bee, the alfalfa leafcutting bee does not breed with Africanized bees and so cannot inherit their aggression.
Miller says the hive contained 40,000 Africanized bees with 22 honeycombs.
Costa Rican beekeepers prefer the bees produced in the DR because of their ability to be handled, in contrast to the Africanized bees in Costa Rica.
In 2009, the insects observed in male flowers of maize were Africanized bees Apis mellifera (Hymenoptera: Apidae) (97.
Africanized bees from South America and mite infestations have threatened domestic honey bee colonies for several years.