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Herbal medicine
(1) Calendula, see there; Calendula officinalis.  
(2) Tagetes patula, a bushy annual native to Central America that is rich in esters, phenols and volatile oils; it is analgesic, antiseptic and a stimulant.


n See calendula.
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There are three types of this marigold, African marigolds are the tallest, at around 2ft, and the most flamboyant, and ours will have very large double flowers in bright yellow.
Then there are the old favourites like pelargoniums (geraniums), petunias, particularly some of the new trailing varieties, French and African marigolds, lobelia, pansies and polyanthus.
They include tens of thousands of African marigolds and French marigolds, as well as more than 100,000 geraniums.
Sow slow-maturing bedding plants like antirrhinums and African marigolds.
It was her husband Mervyn, a retired Peugeot worker, who insisted she put her triffid-like African marigolds on the record to see if anyone else in the neighbourhood had any similar-sized success.
Varieties such as alyssum, geraniums, French and African marigolds and petunias are great for this or plant perennials such as aquilegia, campanula or heuchera.
Commuters and visitors to the centre walking through Greyfriars Green are currently greeted by the scent of African marigolds.
7 As the cooler nights arrive, it may be beneficial to apply a fungicide to susceptible subjects such as begonias and African marigolds which can easily go rotten.
More than 1,000 African marigolds will be planted in front of the 18th tee to give definition to the "Forest of Arden" signage.

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