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Herbal medicine
(1) Calendula, see there; Calendula officinalis.  
(2) Tagetes patula, a bushy annual native to Central America that is rich in esters, phenols and volatile oils; it is analgesic, antiseptic and a stimulant.


n See calendula.
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START planting seeds of various annuals and perennials such as penstemons, geranium, lobelia, rudbeckia, French and African marigolds.
Under glass, or even on that fuchsia-lined windowsill, sow petunias, salvias, penstemon, geranium, lobelia, verbena, French and African marigolds, begonia, alyssum, nicotiana and busy Lizzies.
We are talking about all those vibrant bedding plants such as French and African marigolds, lobelia, cleome, busy lizzies, petunias, zinnias, gazanias, cosmos, molucella, felicia, helichrysum, brachycome and amaranthus, all of which can be grown inexpensively from seed.
One of them is a great big Jelly Palm which we surrounded with salvias, geraniums and African marigolds.
There are lots of other English flowers to indulge in such as freesia and lily of the valley or spoil yourself with exotic blooms like orchids, Japanese cherry blossoms and African marigolds.
Geraniums, marigolds, African marigolds, dahlias, snap dragons, fuchsias and the beautifully formed trumpets of the petunias make wonderful cameos on an endless canvas of relaxing greens.
This hardy annual marigold is not to be confused with the frost-tender French and African marigolds.
Use a heated propagator to sow halfhardy annuals and other bedding plants including antirrhinums, African marigolds, Begonia semperflorens, gazanias and lobelias.
There are three types of this marigold, African marigolds are the tallest, at around 2ft, and the most flamboyant, and ours will have very large double flowers in bright yellow.
Then there are the old favourites like pelargoniums (geraniums), petunias, particularly some of the new trailing varieties, French and African marigolds, lobelia, pansies and polyanthus.
They include tens of thousands of African marigolds and French marigolds, as well as more than 100,000 geraniums.
Sow slow-maturing bedding plants like antirrhinums and African marigolds.

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