African Bush

Regionally used slang for marijuana
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This is in the South African bush, hidden from spying eyes.
His Twitter handle, @ Safarihunter77, shows him posing with a dead lion in what appears to be the African bush.
It is heart-breaking to see them like this and we are hoping that with public support we can move them to a happy and secure life in the African bush,aA said Virginia McKenna, a founder and trustee of Born Free Foundation.
His acute awareness of both the dangers and the lyricism of the African bush comes alive in these pages, which are illustrated with many an artful line drawing by Margo Damian.
My PERFECT day By Gina Nelthorpe-Cowne, managing director of talent agency Kruger Cowne MORNING Wake in the African bush to birdsong.
Or as the Right Rev Christopher Cocksworth quipped after linking his loo with its "twin' deep in the African bush, "It's a bog standard idea with a great message.
The team found that African bush elephants (Loxodonta africana) carry about 2,000 genes for smell sensors, or olfactory receptors.
In this issue, our cover story took the Travel Plus team to the stunning Phinda Private Game Reserve, in KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa, to explore some bespoke luxury in the African bush.
The project, a collaboration between Save the Elephants, the UK's University of Oxford and the Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund, studies how to use the African bush elephants' instinctive a avoidance of African honey bees to avoid crop losses caused by their encroachment into farms.
Get a taste of the African bush a little closer to home at this rustic eco-escape, hidden in 28 hectares of forest near Portugal's southwest coast.
With the African bush as your classroom, 'lessons' will cover fire-building, spear-throwing, bow-and-arrow practice, the art of the well-known adamu jumping dance, singing, dancing and more.
During the hunt in the South African bush the leopard caught its prey three times, but let it go to "test her skills".
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