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African Blackwood, a member of the rosewood family, is a species which is rapidly disappearing due to over-exploitation, primarily for the woodwind industry.
It means the African Blackwood that is favoured by woodwind instrument-makers across the world is being sustainably sourced, with the local growers paid proper rates for the work they do in growing the trees.
Hanson, based in Warehouse Hill, have started manufacturing the clarinet, which is made from African Blackwood from responsibly managed forests in Tanzania.
Commercially called African blackwood, it originates in a "rather extensive range in Savanna regions from Sudan southward to Mozambique, westward to Angola and then northward to Nigeria and Senegal" according to Martin Chudnoff, author of "Tropical Timbers of the World.
Without any doubt, one of the most important woods for wood instruments is grenadilla or African blackwood.
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