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pertaining to or originating in Africa.

African buffalo
includes black Cape buffalo, red Congo buffalo and red-brown varieties from Abyssinia to Niger. See also buffalo.
African clawed toad
African daisy
see Seneciopterophorus.
African elephant
Loxodonta africana. See elephant.
African farcy
epizootic lymphangitis.
African glanders
see epizootic lymphangitis.
African green monkey
African horse sickness
a highly infectious, fatal disease of horses, donkeys and mules. It is caused by an orbivirus transmitted by mosquitoes and possibly Culicoides sp. The clinical picture includes an acute pulmonary form manifested by dyspnea, cough and profuse nasal discharge, and a subacute, cardiac form in which the principal signs are edema of the head and internally, oral petechiation and esophageal paralysis. The mortality rate is very high.
Enlarge picture
African horse sickness, pulmonary form. By permission from Knottenbelt DC, Pascoe RR, Diseases and Disorders of the Horse, Saunders, 2003
African lion hound
African milk bush
African mouth breeder
African freshwater tropical fish distinguished by their behavior of carrying the fertilized eggs in their mouths. Called also Tilapia macrocephala.
African pig disease
see African swine fever (below).
African pygmy pig
see miniature pig.
African redwood
African rue
see Peganumharmala.
African star grass
African swine fever
a peracute, highly contagious, highly fatal disease of pigs caused by African swine fever virus, previously a member of the family Iridoviridae, now the only member of the genus Asfivirus. The virus is carried by wart hogs in which it produces no disease and is transmitted to European pigs via the tick Ornithodoros moubata porcinus. The disease was originally confined to southern Africa, but is now enzootic in most countries in sub-Saharan Africa and has spread on occasion to Europe, including Spain, Portugal and Belgium, and also to Cuba and the Dominican Republic.
Currently the disease is eradicated from South America and the Caribbean countries but remains on the Iberian peninsula and Sardinia. The disease resembles classical swine fever (hog cholera). Clinically there is high fever, severe depression, purple skin discoloration, incoordination and posterior paresis. Death occurs about 2 days after the first signs of illness. In recent times the proportion of outbreaks which have been mild in severity has increased markedly.
African trypanosomiasis
nagana. See trypanosomiasis.

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It is essential that there should be a school dedicated to the teaching of African music and dance due to many reasons that range from the preservation of African culture and traditions.
Her art involves chain-stitching brightly colored scenes of everyday South African life onto squares of black fabric that can then be sewn into quilts, tablecloths or pillows.
Along the way, he befriended, admired, and advised such historic figures as Malcolm X and Kwame Nkrumah (Ghana's first Black president); and wrote and lectured extensively about African world history.
The UCSF researchers have also uncovered an African allele (variant DNA coding that produces variations in inherited characteristics) that is "a major susceptibility factor for MS in African-Americans," Dr.
When the team tested nearly 900 cancer-free African American men, African ancestry of DNA turned up no more frequently in the implicated portion of chromosome 8 than elsewhere in their genomes.
Rooks argues that the sensationalistic narratives of sexuality long attributed to African American women motivated the magazines' writers to "write back" to a history of oppression by creating new definitions of African American womanhood.
the average wage of African Canadian women was 79% of what African Canadian men earned and only 57% of what all Canadian men earned.
and in 1994 (Indiana University Press, now out of print), Darlene Clark Hine, editor-in-chief, and the contributing editors pull together and acknowledge the significant contributions made by African American women such as Marian Anderson, Charlayne Hunter-Gault Maxine Waters and Ida B.
Researchers have further suggested that African American students may selectively devalue performance dimensions that are perceived to be incompatible with expected group behaviors (Steele & Aronson, 1995; Osborne, 1997).
Because God's grace is mediated through culture, many also think it is because traditional African religion is close to Catholicism.
The dominant theme that asserted itself throughout this book was that of positive mental health, or resiliency, which was used to view current mental health issues among African Americans.

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