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A visual cue that offers an intuitive indication of how an object functions—e.g., a door on an electronic device.


Erogonomics A visual cue that offers an intuitive indication of how an object functions—e.g., a door on an electronic device. See Icon.


The relationship that exists between the individual and the environment that will facilitate a certain type of movement (e.g., a sliding board affords a child with the opportunity to climb up, sit, and slide down).
[afford + -ance, noun suffix]
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This perspective allows us to move beyond arguments which posit that the affordances and wide dissemination of various tools for mediated communication between cultures "may now make just about everybody a little more cosmopolitan" (Hannerz 1990: 249; cf.
Para as autoras, o que os usuarios fazem nao e apenas aproveitar as affordances das interfaces, pois eles desempenham um papel ativo no estabelecimento daquelas affordances.
For example, Sloterdijk sees Plato's Academy as a specific kind of affordance space, a space that affords a kind of architectural epoche.
Responses were qualitatively mined both for content understanding (using the same categorization manual that we used for the OE post-intervention survey questions) and for the affordances of AR as a visualization tool (Yoon & Wang, 2014).
Further, there is a readily accepted assumption that current pre-service teachers, as young adults, will be early adopters of technology, and that they are more likely (than previous generations of pre-service teachers) to identify and take on the affordances of these devices (Clinton et al.
To that end, they adequately portray the advantages of each online learning environment, providing language educators with an awareness of how best to leverage the affordances of each environment for the benefit of student learning.
Burleson, "so designers should model systems with tangible and embodied elements which explore their affordances to foster collaboration by design, rather than planning for students to individually use the technology.
For Dave and Nick, the technological distance and mathematical distance were different but appropriate, revealing their developing mathematical understandings as they accessed the app's affordances.
Affordances of mobile technology could enable virtual laboratory environments on m-learning system in functions of demonstration, presentation, remote controlling, user interface, interaction and data communications.
Peterson's book offers a comprehensive literature review and balanced approach that considers both the affordances and constraints of incorporating computer games into the language classroom.
Gibson coined the word affordance: "The affordances of the environment are what it offers the animal, what it provides or furnishes, either for good or ill.