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The changes of activation extent in the sensory cortex indicated a potential decrease of sensory afferentation. That might be caused by the reduction of numbness or paresthesia after surgical intervention.
Violation of motor functions leads to the cessation of flow of information to the brain from the motor units (violation of reverse afferentation).
Neuromuscular blocking agents decrease stretch receptor activity in the muscles and thus suppress stimulation input to the arousal centers in the brain (afferentation theory).
Information about the subjects' own state and the changes in their regulated physiological processes are presented to them via external feedback, in the form of an inverse afferentation signal, which is organized primarily by computer or micro-processor technique (Suvorov, 1998).
The continuing estimation of parametric results achieved by the organism is carried out with the reverse afferentation from the AoAR (Figure 1).
The parameters of the achieved results are compared with the predicted features of future results--the AoAR, and are evaluated by reverse afferentation. The estimation of parameters of intermediate and end results by the AoAR allows the correction of the future behavior when necessary.
System quanta represent self-organizing and auto regulating units of life processes extending from basic needs to their satisfaction with continuous evaluation of results achieved by reverse afferentation. System quanta at various levels of life organization are characterized by several properties.
The didactic structure of the learning program is developed taking into account the level of athletes' physical and technical training, the difficulty of the training routines; the interdependence of the main and concrete goals, the learning tasks; the specific didactic principles; regulatory elements, methods and means for process control and correction, results of learning by using the biological reverse afferentation (visual-motor, verbal-motor, visual-verbal, vestibular-motor) (Boloban, 2011).
During ageing there is an increase in the dependence of functional systems and conditional afferentation (Sudakov, 1987).
This fact is in accordance with two known postulates: (a) the maintenance of vertical stance in the human being is carried out using afferent information from various modality sources: visual, somatosensory, and vcestibular, although the role of olfactory flow in posture regulation has remained practically unnoticed; and (b) elimination or reduction of any of the sources of afferentation, which is common in ageing, leads to vertical postural instability (Teasdale, Stelmach, & Breuning, 1991).
Possibly, postresuscitation disturbances of integrative function are primarily caused by neurochemical and structural changes of subcortical structures controlling motor function, emotional state and sensory afferentation, as well as participating in the formation of directed purposeful behavior.
So, the bases of perception are not the facts, but their sensory representations that may be termed "afferentations".