afferent nerves

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af·fer·ent nerves

(afĕr-ĕnt nĕrvz)
Nerves that carry impulses from the sensory organs to the central nervous system.
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These sensory afferent nerves can send signals to the central nervous system, which is the main pathway.
(1) The peripheral pathway: noxious stimuli act on the receptors in the GI mucosa and are transmitted from primary afferent nerve fibers to primary sensory neurons in the dorsal root ganglia(DRG).
Ciriello, "Renal afferent nerves affect discharge rate of medullary and hypothalamic single units in the cat," Journal of the Autonomic Nervous System, vol.
Impaired intestinal afferent nerve satiety signalling and vagal afferent excitability in diet induced obesity in the mouse.
The nociceptive hyperexcited impulse generated within primary afferent nerves is modulated and amplified not only at the DRG-spinal cord level but also at the thalamic ventral posterolateral (VPL) level, before being relayed to the cerebral cortex.
Keratinocytes form tight junctions with sensory afferent nerves [1].
PGE2 stimulates the release of tachykinins, which stimulate neurokinin receptors on afferent nerves and the detrusor smooth muscle and as a result promote detrusor contraction (Andersson & Hedlund, 2002; Verhamme et al., 2008).
In addition, it is now clearly recognized that the urothelium is not just a barrier, but it also plays an active role in neurogenic control of bladder function.[sup.5] The urothelium is supplied with afferent nerves and is involved in reflex responses to bladder filling and distension.
As the diagram 1 show, implementation of fatigue protocol on proximal area of lower parts (knee extensors) has had more influence on decrease of the subjects' access distance in Star test, which may probably be explained as: knee area fatigue just brings change and fall of the function of muscles and afferent nerves of this area.
The spinal afferent nerves supplying the abdominal wall lie in the neurofascial plane between the transversus abdominis and internal oblique muscles prior to reaching the anteriorly situated rectus abdominis muscle.