afferent nerves

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af·fer·ent nerves

(afĕr-ĕnt nĕrvz)
Nerves that carry impulses from the sensory organs to the central nervous system.
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Blockade of afferent nerves results in bladder analgesia, while lack of transmission in efferent fibers causes a detrusor blockade that outlasts motor blockade by as much as several hours.
The spinal afferent nerves supplying the abdominal wall lie in the neurofascial plane between the transversus abdominis and internal oblique muscles prior to reaching the anteriorly situated rectus abdominis muscle.
These subdivisions lead to a more elaborate classification scheme--one that includes four types of afferent nerves and two types of efferent nerves.
Additionally, the regrown tips of the beak do not always contain afferent nerves or sensory corpuscles (Gentle et al.
Massive vascular effects on efferent nerves can be expected when it is taken into account that the abnormal sensorial and vegetative input coming from the incisive papilla trauma can excite potent vasodilator-mediated afferent nerves (Ertsey et al.