affect display

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af·fect dis·play

(af'fekt dis-plā'),
Facial expressions, postures, and gestures indicating emotional states.
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This paper also offers pointers in relation to affective display in a Mexican secondary school but does not elaborate on how these affective displays compare to students with a different cultural background.
Following the episode, the patient returns to the affective display observed previously, demonstrating no residual changes in mood or affect.
Prevalence and clinical correlates of pathological affective display in Alzheimer's disease.
2006; Hmieleski & Ensley, 2007) but rarely on their affective displays (Brundin et al.
2006; Hmieleski & Ensley), but they have typically not investigated how leading entrepreneurs' affective displays impact employees' motivation and behavior.
In this collection of 11 articles in this new discipline of study, contributors examine the complex linkages among memory, language, cognition and emotion, covering such topics as the bilingual self, translingual memoir, desire and the language market, affective displays in French v.